Snipers? National Guard seen on roof of grocery store in Ferguson

snuckssnipersOn Monday, Alex Altman, Washington correspondent for Time magazine, issued a tweet showing men in National Guard uniforms of top of what was identified as a Schnuck’s grocery store in Ferguson, Missouri.

He claimed they were snipers, but the picture doesn’t show any weapons.  A picture of what appears to be the same two men posted at the Gateway Pundit also doesn’t show any weaponry.

Nevertheless, it’s being reported that “snipers” are on the roof of the store.  They could be snipers, and their weapons could be hidden from view.  But they’re not visible in the photographs.

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I suspect the latter, but they could be snipers…

I think that is a more likely scenario.

Another Twitter user also claimed they’re snipers:

No weapons in this picture, either.

snuckssnipersHmmm…  If they are snipers, they sure don’t seem to care about cover and concealment…  Just saying.


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