SJW in action – College students pitch in for Hamas to hit schools, cafés, other ‘soft targets’

SJW in action in Oregon. Photo: Twitter.
SJW in action in Oregon. Photo: Twitter.

Yet again, welcome to Comrade Obama’s America.

While some consider the phrase the punchline to a pathetic joke, others look upon it as an accolade of the highest degree. Regardless of how any given individual considers the expression Social Justice Warrior (SJW) few would argue that if the past seven and a half years deserved its own motto, Social Justice Warrior would be it.
Perhaps best illustrating exactly what it means to be a SJW in Obama’s America, satirical videographer Ami Horowitz took to the campus of Oregon’s Portland State University (PSU) to document just how far to the political left one would be to qualify as a certifiable Social Justice Warrior. As reported by Ericka Andersen of National Review, and also by the staff of Fox News, both on May 23, 2016, Horowitz wandered the campus asking random students if they would kick-in a buck or two to help fund his faux charity, “American Friends for Hamas“.

To sweeten the pot for the matriculators located in the hotbed of the BDS (Boycott, Sanction, Divest) movement against the State of Israel, the satirist made a point of telling the students that today’s new and improved Hamas “isn’t your father’s terrorist organization.” Only after that particular proviso did Horowitz get down to brass tacks.

The young and impressionable minds were told in no uncertain terms that his organization needed to raise money for Hamas so they conduct “operations” in Israel against hospitals, shopping centers, schools, cafés, places of worship, and other “soft targets” that comprise of the “civilian populations” of the Jewish nation. Furthermore, the leaders of tomorrow were also plainly told that with their support, Hamas would not only “destroy Israel,” but would “wipe Israel off the map.”

If there was any doubt as to what was meant by “operations,” Horowitz cleared that up rather quickly. He clearly explained to one student that a suicide bomber is essentially “the poor man’s F-15.”

Appearing as a guest on the Sean Hannity’s radio show, Horowitz noted that he managed to raise $300 within one hour. He also claimed that at least half of the students he spoke to offered to donate financially.

Perhaps proving to all how their taxpayer funded university is, the official website of the School of Social Work hammers home just how committed to social justice they really are. “PSU is committed to the ongoing goal of advancing a culture of social justice, inclusion, and diversity with the entire School of Social Work community, and extending into all of its activities including teaching, research, service, and administration.”

And like every social justice movement, there is a committee and/or a council for every occasion. The university’s School of Social Work is no different, informing the students they’ve already set in place their own self-styled soviets; the Cultural Competence and Diversity Council as well as the Social Justice, Diversity & Inclusion Committee to keep the movement pure.



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