Singer Toni Braxton on Zimmerman verdict: ‘I am embarrassed to be an American’

toni-braxtonIf you’re keeping a list of celebrities to boycott over stupid things they say or do, you can add singer Toni Braxton to it.

On Sunday, she expressed shame to be a citizen of the country that made her rich and famous, all because jurors in Florida had the audacity to follow the law and find George Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder.

“Today I am embarrassed to be an American…my heart goes out to the Martin family,” she tweeted.

To which we say, fine.  Leave.  Now.  And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Seems others have the same opinion, according to some tweets captured by Twitchy:

mg1And some have found themselves embarrassed to be fans of hers:

embarrasedJust once, I wished these America-hating low-information celebs would actually follow through and just go away.  I hear there’s a country not too far away that would probably be more to their liking, being as how it’s a communist dictatorship and all…


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