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INTRODUCTION BY ADINA KUTNICKI:  From the get-go, let it be stated: For the most part, rank and file FBI Agents take their oaths to protect America seriously, acting heroically in the process. But let’s not pretend that the top echelon aren’t “dirty cops”, to put it mildly! This is certainly the case, most especially, since the Islamist-in-Chief poisoned the well, so to speak.

Now, what does the above have to do with Pensacola’s Saudi jihadi? Well, EVERYTHING. First things first. But, beforehand, keep in mind: Even though the FBI warned: CAIR is organized by Hamas (the PA/Gazan arm of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia), still, the premiere law enforcement agency is “in bed” with the Brotherhood’s front arm(s) in America! Wait and see.

Firstly: How many are aware that CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s propaganda tool in America (and Canada, too), has a deep “presence” within the FBI, all their denials notwithstanding?

Secondly: How many recognize that the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is the pater familia of Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula?

Thirdly: How many know that the aforementioned Mafia is the jihadi branch which spawned ISIS, as well as related hydra offshoots, alike?

Fourthly: And, how many recognize that the former FBI Director, crooked Comey, had his fingerprints embedded within the Brotherhood Mafia, so much so that they came to his defense when President Trump fired him? Ask yourselves: Why would they jump to his aid?

CAIR Calls for Special Prosecutor to Probe James Comey’s Firing.


Inexorably, FBI Director Wray, you know, an absolute deep-state operative, feigned patriotism — during his below updated briefing alongside a real patriot, DOJ’s Barr, re the Al-Qaida Pensacola connection!! Well, if it weren’t so deadly serious, it would be a side-splitter. This is so because he spent the better part of his legal career as a partner at the largest Islamic Sharia compliance legal firm in America! Conflict of interest, anyone? No kidding.

Lo and behold, now that the FBI’s head honcho (alongside the DOJ) FINALLY connected the Al-Qaeda dots, it must be asked: What the hell took 4 months to square the circle?

After all, the following “dumped docs” from 2002 (posted on Feb. 8, 2020 — in light of the Saudi jihad in Pensacola — but dated only one year after Saudi nationals wrecked the most devastating attack on American soil) not only pointed a straight line between CAIR and the Saudi Royals, but should have immediately raised alarm bells when the jihad at Pensacola went down! Not only that, allowing any Saudi (for that matter, other hostile foreign nationals) pilot within spitting distance of a U.S. installation, never mind training them to the max, gave the green-light to this attack! What’s so hard about that — “NO SH*T, SHERLOCK!”

CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations

453 New Jersey Ave., S.E.

Washington, D.C. 20003

Tel:- 202-488-8787 or 202 646 6040 direct line

Fax:- 202-488-0833

E-mail:- [email protected]

URL:- http://www.cair-net.org

November 12, 2002

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Department of Islamic Affairs

601 New Hampshire Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037

Via Fax: 202 944 5982

Dear Sir:

Assalamu Elikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baraktuhu and Ramadan Kareem

All Praises are due to Allah, May His salaam and Blessings be on his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his household, companions and all the righteous people of all times. May we all be among them.

On behalf of CAIR I would like to request the following:

  1. Understanding Islam and Muslims 2000 copies

  2. Islamic Library 3 sets

  3. Riyad us Salehin 10 sets

  4. Sahi Al-Bukhari 3 sets

  5. Tafseer Ibn Kathir 3 sets

We have a Dawah Program next week and if we can get part of item # 1 “Understanding Islam and Muslims” 300 copies by Friday it will be much appreciated. Kindly advise me the time and location and Insha Allah I will arrange for the pickup.

Brother Nihad Awad, Brother Omar Ahmad and all the brothers and sisters from CAIR send their Salaam and regards to every one at the Embassy.

Jazkum Allah Khairan, Wasalaam o Elikum Wa Rahmatullah

Your Brother In Islam

Khalid Iqbal

Director of Operations


Alas, we are not done. Mind you, even more so, the below “connect the dots”, full-on sworn affidavit and report has been out there since January 15 — a full 4 months before this week’s much ballyhooed press conference!! Hmm.

The Examination & the Purpose of Islamic Mosque Research in Pensacola, Florida, During the Period of Jan. 9 – 11 

Resultant, patriots, in conjunction with all of the above linked evidentiary trails, consider today’s “SHOCKED, SHOCKED” as another “unlearned lesson”, that is, when a corrupted leadership — political and security-wise — executes what amounts to as a “hands-off” U.S. policy vis-à-vis jihadis — be they Saudi Arabia affiliated or another!

To wit, how “SURPRISING, SURPRISING” is it that Pensacola’s Air Station was (and still is) infiltrated and penetrated with Al-Qaeda — or another of the countless jihadi hydras? Six of one…half a dozen of another….

NO doubt, trust, there are others lying in wait all across America!


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