Selling Out Israel on Two Fronts

selling1 cover“Whoever moves to establish a Palestinian state or intends to withdraw from territory is simply yielding territory for radical Islamic terrorist attacks against Israel…anyone who ignores this is sticking his head in the sand.”
– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s very wise words

Benjamin Netanyahu, the world’s last great statesman, understands this all to well for simply stated, you cannot expect those who want all your land to be satisfied with a mere piece of your land.

‘Land for peace’…the sticking-point of the Israeli/Palestinian anything but peace talks. And you just know ‘land for peace’ was NEVER intended to be a viable solution to the problem at hand for the basis of this concept resides with U(seless) N(ations) Security Resolution 242…and anything the U.N. proposes is most assuredly NOT good for the Jewish state.

selling2 mapAnd with the resolution stating that peace must encompass two basic principles…first being the withdrawal of Israeli forces from disputed lands and second, the termination of “all claims or states of belligerency” against Israel, this becomes what we commonly refer to as ‘land for peace.’ And Israel has already given up ‘land for peace’ when in 1979 they returned the Sinai to Egypt, and when in 1994 Israel and Jordan both redeployed to their respective sides of an agreed to international boundary. But how can tiny Israel be expected to give up even more land they rightfully captured during continuing times of war where they were and are again forced to defend themselves against Arab aggressors…how can Israel be expected to give up even more of the land deeded to them by God…and how can Israel be expected to give up land to a people who simply do NOT exist.

How can Israel be expected to do so…simply when an anti-Semitic, Israel-hating man occupies the White House and lets common sense and reality be put aside for the betterment of his islamic agenda…an agenda that includes the establishment of the Levant whose map is minus the Jewish State of Israel. This is both the how and the why Israel is expected to give up their land…one piece at a time.

selling3 use this oneAnd at the bottom of this current ‘land for peace’ conundrum lies the issue of the ‘so-called’ Palestinian people…a people who for the most part are genetically Jordanian and who hold Jordanian citizenship. At the bottom of this is King Abdullah II who refuses to reabsorb his own people into their true homeland…Jordan. At the bottom of this is the made-up people who are being used for political expediency by neighboring Arab countries who do NOT want these now-called ‘Palestinian Arabs’ in their country even though they are well able to take them in for they would rather use them as political pawns to start the ball rolling towards Israel’s demise…and it’s for that reason alone.

Now here in a nutshell is the truth about the ‘so-called’ Palestinian people…what were just run-of-the-mill Arabs before the 1948 establishment of the Jewish State of Israel were used and manipulated by the Soviet Union in its the Cold War against the West. In fact, the entire notion of a separate Palestine people…as we use the term today referring to the Arabs residing in Gaza, the West Bank, Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem…was created by the Soviets in 1964, with their creation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Appearing for the first time in the preamble of the PLO Charter drafted in Moscow and affirmed by all 422 KGB hand-picked members of a Palestine National Council…the Charter never did call for an independent Palestinian state but did call for and continues to call for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.

selling4 muhsein use this oneIn fact, in March 1977, Zahir Muhsein…a member of the PLO Executive Committee…admitted in an interview in the Dutch newspaper Trouw…that there was NO such thing as the ‘Palestinian people’ and that the term was indeed created solely for political reasons and purposes. Also saying that there was NEVER any motivation at all for Palestinian self-determination, Muhsein freely admitted that as soon as the Jews had been annihilated the PLO would merge into and with Jordan.

And least we forget, we have the media itself to thank for the term ‘Palestinians’ taking on a life of its own as it was they who continuously used it after the ’67 Yom Kippur War (the Arabs have lost all five wars they instigated against Israel) when Arab refugees in Israel…pawns who were pushed to do so by Yassir Arafat…began identifying themselves as part of this made-up people simply to cause internal problems for Israel and to cause an outward divide between the West and the Jewish state…something they sadly have successfully done.

And adding to this divide is the fact that Barack HUSSEIN Obama will always cater and pander to the world’s well-known ‘bad guys’…’bad guys’ like the Palestinians, the mullahs in Iran, and to terrorist groups like Hezbollah, and both Iran and Hezbollah have recently been removed from the U.S. terrorist list. Remember, catering and pandering to one’s enemies shows the world the face of weakness and weakness results in nothing but even more concessions being made to the enemy…instead of the enemy acquiescing to the will of the ‘good guy’…that being the U.S.

selling5 obama vs bibiBut the ultimate divide…probably an unfixable divide…is Obama’s deliberate and very personal slap in the face to Benjamin Netanyahu in that according to an unidentified White House official, “Obama’s not going to waste his time dealing with Netanyahu.” Instead, Obama’s new policy is reported to be that any future contact between Israel and the U.S. in regards to both the Palestinian and Iranian situations would be handled by (bumbling) Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry and in-the-pocket of Obama Pentagon officials.

“Waste his time”…nice huh…nothing like legitimizing of sorts Obama’s stabbing of both Netanyahu and Israel in the back at the same time he sends a touchy-feely video to the people of Iran. (See the Obama video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZoMIS3cFRA)

selling6 last imageAnd so Obama’s claiming time and again that he wants nothing but ‘peace and tolerance’ between Israel, the ‘so-called’ Palestinians, and those in Iran wishing to wipe her off the map, this most vile of president’s cleverly forgets that ‘peace and tolerance’ is NOT the same to the Israelis as it is to both the Palestinians and the Iranians. To both the later, ‘peace and tolerance’ has nothing to do with always broken ceasefires or compromises that buy nothing but time to further plot Israel’s demise, but has everything to do with submitting to allah and embracing islam, and that is something the Israelis (and ‘We the People’) will rightfully NEVER do.

And so now thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Israel and America stand at a crossroads in regards to the Palestinian situation, to Iran, and to our one-on-one relations. And the still unanswered question is will our Congress allow Israel…an champion of Western civilization and our closest ally in both the Middle East and the world…be sold out to Palestinian islamists and Iranian condoned terrorists. And that is a question that needs an immediate answer as the deadline with Iran over their nuclear ambitions is fast approaching…and as the Palestinians are doing what they do best… grumbling, whining, and killing Israelis once again.


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