“Schools must equip children to have sexual partners”- say the UN and WHO…..

A Worldwide Six-Alarm Fire Warning Is Blaring!

AD nauseum….six ways to Sunday…akin to a broken record, too, the Satanic-driven monsters who indulge in pedophilia (in all of its criminal, twisted manifestations) have been explored and exposed at these pages — and via several other global media outlets, of which this investigative journalist is immeasurably linked.

AS per evidence of the same, know that the safety and welfare of the kiddies are of primary import — “tribal” sensibilities be damned.

AND, most revealingly, as interested readers internalize the below amply-sourced, well-documented, undeniable, verifiable trails and truths, NETFLIX’s monsters will emerge, that is, front and center.

IN this regard, as one who has been recruited, indeed, recruited, to lay bare this absolutely soul-crushing plot to destroy western civilization (serving as a dagger into the heart of the traditional family; the life-blood upon which Judeo-Christian principles are predicated), well, know that the pedos running NETFLIX are deeply connected, too!

CONSIDER the following as prima facie evidentiary trails:

WARNING: Dear Readers: Before exploring all of the above and the below, it is advised to have a barf bag nearby, as well as access to a shower! Guaranteed, they will be needed to remove the unbearable stains and horrific smells!!

ONE FINAL NOTE: This writer apologizes in advance for any ensuing heartburn. Even so, all people of conscience dare not veer away. At the end of it all, the precious and innocent kiddies are depending upon us to save them from the grasping claws of said monsters.

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

This evidence report reveals how the World Health Organization and United Nations are sexualizing little children in primary education worldwide, for the purpose of normalizing pedophilia. This report consists of nothing but solid evidence, with many official documents, videos, books, archives, etc. All PDF documents may be downloaded from the references section at the end of this report.

“Little children are sexual beings who must have sexual partners and begin with sex as soon as possible. For this reason, kindergartens and elementary schools must teach children to develop lust and sexual desire, learn masturbation, build same-sex relationships, use online pornography, and learn different sexual techniques such as oral sex.”

The above is a paraphrased summary of the official guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the United Nations to educational authorities worldwide. Meanwhile, judicial organizations are issuing statements that sex between little children and adults should be legalized, while media outlets and political parties are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a “normal sexual orientation”.

sexualization little children

The World Health Organization and United Nations are now instructing educational authorities worldwide to make sure little children have sexual partners.

Equipping children to have sexual partners

The United Nations has issued the document “International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education”.1 It is the official guideline for elementary schools around the world. The goal of this document is described on page 16.

In their own words:

“It aims to equip children…
to develop sexual relationships”.

On page 17, the United Nations explains that this guide is intended to help children build relationships with romantic or sexual partners.

In their own words:

“These skills can help children
form relationships with… sexual partners.”

On page 71, educators are instructed to teach little kids from the age of 5 about kissing, hugging, touching and sexual behaviors.  9-year-old children are to be taught about masturbation, sexual attraction and sexual stimulation.

un document international sexuality guidelines

The United Nations has decreed that elementary schools must teach little kids about masturbation, sexual behaviors, sexual attraction and sexual stimulation, with the purpose of having sexual partners.

Teaching little kids to have sex

The agenda to ensure that little children have sexual parters is being further developed by the World Health Organization. Their document, “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe”,2 contains the following instructions for kindergartens and elementary schools:

✔︎ Children between 0 and 4 years must learn about masturbation and develop an interest in their own and others’ bodies.

✔︎ Children between 4 and 6 years must learn about masturbation and be encouraged to express their sexual needs and wishes.

✔︎ Children between 6 and 9 years must learn about sexual intercourse, online pornography, having a secret love and self-stimulation.

✔︎ Children between 9 and 12 years should have their first sexual experience and learn to use online pornography.  

children sexuality education

The WHO instructs teachers worldwide to educate 9-year-old children about having sexual intercourse for the first time, how to experience sex using the internet and mobile phones, and learning different sexual techniques.

School video instructs kids
to begin masturbating

The following video is part of a European school program that works closely with the World Health Organization and United Nations to implement their agenda in schools nationwide. It is a real-world example of the execution of these guidelines, in this case, in The Netherlands. The video shows how children are encouraged by teachers to begin masturbating. This video was distributed to many thousands of schools as part of the WHO “comprehensive sexuality education” program, whose objective is that children should start having sex as early as possible.

The publisher of this video, the Rutgers Foundation, operates in 27 nations, is a close partner of the WHO and UN, and is funded by Bill Gates and Planned Parenthood.6

The language spoken in the video is Dutch, but please be aware that this is a real-life example of the execution of an INTERNATIONAL agenda of the World Health Organization and the United Nations, therefore this will be coming to public schools in every nation of the world. 

Sexualizing kids is part of UN Agenda 2030

The logos on the United Nations “International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education” document show that this is part of the UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

United Nations Agenda 2030 is a plan to transform every aspect of human existence on the earth by the year 2030. In their own words:

continue exploring the dreadful agenda here….

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