Sarah Palin slams Bill Maher on twitter for his latest gaffe

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin blasts Bill Maher for his latest gaffe

Both Twitchy and Breitbart are reporting tonight the latest dust up between Sarah Palin and Bill Maher after the latter outraged many with a comment he recently make. Comedian Bill Maher, who donated $100,000 to support President Obama’s reelection, has made many controversial comments in the past about conservative celebrities and politicians.

Apparently, during a recent comedy performance, Bill Maher made a reference to Sarah Palin’s youngest son Trig Palin as being “retarded.” This gaffe elicited a response from Palin on twitter.

Palin tweeted, in response to Bill Maher’s comment, “Hey bully, on behalf of all kids whom you hatefully mock in order to make yourself feel big, I hope one flattens your lily white wimpy a#*.”

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