Rubio: Democrat lawyers want judge to change Florida law to steal election

In a series of tweets issued Tuesday, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., warned that Democrat lawyers now want a judge to unilaterally change Florida law in order to let Democrats steal the election in Florida.

“Imagine if NFL team was trailing 24-22 but in final seconds hits a 3 pt kick to win. Then AFTER game lawyers for losing team get a judge to order rules changed so that last second field goals are only 1 point,” he said on Twitter.  “Well that’s how democrat lawyers plan to steal election.”

“For example, law requires that the voter signatures on mail ballots match the signature of the voter,” he explained.  “But Dem lawyers are asking a judge to throw that law out & force Florida to count ballots with signatures that don’t match the voter signature on file.”

He continued:

law requires a manual recount of “undervotes” in close races & provides a clear standard for determining whether a voter intended to vote for a candidate.

Now Dem lawyers want a judge to order Florida to ignore this intent standard when reviewing “undervotes”

“In short, Dem lawyers came to Florida to get judges to change Florida elections laws, AFTER the election. That isn’t a strategy to win an election, that is a strategy to steal an election,” he added.

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Rubio also addressed the Democrats’ efforts to steal Florida’s election during an interview on “Hannity.”

Here’s a transcript as provided by Real Clear Politics:

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: Senator, honestly, you were the first that really brought this to my attention, thank you. Fifty-seven thousand-vote lead, now dwindling down to 12,000. Now, they are going to have even more time.

I’m concerned. You actually said — you used the word “steal”. Do you believe there’s been an effort here, corruption here to steal an election?

RUBIO: Well, here’s what I believe. I believe the law hasn’t been followed from the beginning. You know, those early votes, the last time they were cast was the Sunday before election. By law, those were supposed to be downloaded and sent to the state by 7:30 p.m. on the night of the election.

And then you have to process the absentee ballots, the mail ballots that have come in before that time. And then there’s always some that come in Monday and Tuesday before the election. Those should be shortly thereafter. They didn’t follow any of that.

It is also additional votes added to every county, because people are voting for overseas, or because you haven’t fully processed all the ones that you had by 7:30. But you’re supposed to update that every 45 minutes. They didn’t do that.

We know for example that is part of the Broward County’s vote count, it includes at least 19 people who were disqualified from voting by their own canvassing board, who they only took the ballots to after being forced, after being cut, and we don’t know how many others that may have happened in. And now we know they didn’t start the recount, the machinery count until this morning, after — everybody else started Saturday or Sunday, Miami-Dade is almost done. So, it’s irregularity after irregularity.

And as far as stealing is concerned, let me just make this one point on that, that’s what election lawyers — the election lawyers are not coming to Florida to make sure every vote is counted. The reason why election lawyers get involved is to make sure as many votes as possible for their client is counted, and as many votes as possible for their opponent is disqualified.

And we have you in office, an office — an election office this incompetent and this lawbreaking, it creates enormous opportunity for those sorts of arguments to be made. And suddenly, the elections are decided by a judge or by lawyers, not by voters the way they are supposed to be.

HANNITY: Well, we know, for example, that Snipes accidentally, she mixed in rejected provisional ballots with a number of valid votes. So, what that ultimately means, Senator, is that the entire town is irreversibly corrupted, and, you know, we have all of these violations, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, now, it’s happening again. I, for the life of me, especially after all we went through, dimpled, pimpled, scattered, smothered, covered, and everything else with — in 2000, this keeps happening.

There are 67 counties. Sixty-five of them got it right. And more importantly, 35 of those counties had been victimized by the hurricane, especially the Panhandle. They got it right.

RUBIO: Yes. And so — and you talked about a case, these provisional ballots are — they’re in an envelope. And what supposed to happen is you present those to the canvassing board to decide whether or not they are allowed to vote. She didn’t do that. She opened it up. She basically decided they were going to count and she counted the votes.

Then she got caught. She said, I submitted to the canvassing board and they found that 21 of them should not count. So, they said, all right, let’s find the 21.

It’s too late. Once you pull the ballot out of the envelope, there’s no way to match one with the other. So, that’s just one example of the kinds of things that had been going on over there, on top of some of the history that you’ve outlined already of this sort of thing.

And so, yes, it’s deeply concerning that they’re not following the law. They are not following the law, and that’s why we have election laws.

I want every legal vote that was cast in a timely fashion to count.

HANNITY: Exactly.

RUBIO: No one here is asking that not to happen.

One more point and here’s where we really got to keep an eye. What will happen after the machine recount is any race in the state that was less than a quarter of one point which will be the Senate race and the agriculture race, there will have to be a hand recount of the overvotes and undervotes, basically, that somebody skipped the ballot and not vote for this race.

Now, the canvassing board, if the accounting teams don’t do it, have to sit down and determine, did the voter intend to vote or not. And that’s where lawyers get involved and start arguing that a mark here and a cross here and a circle over here was voter intent. Now, the statute is pretty clear about what that should be, that doesn’t mean anyone is going to follow it or that they’re going to follow it.

So, there’s a lot to be concerned about and that’s why it’s important that they had scrutiny and transparency and that we watch it every step of the way.

HANNITY: Are you now confident that you have this — we know the Attorney General Pam Bondi we just spoke with, are you confident with — that this will be done right? We know, for example, the attorneys for Mayor Gillum and soon-to-be ex Senator Nelson that they even wanted an illegal immigrants vote, they objected when — they want to that counted. Then, of course, we’re finding ballots in the back of rental cars in Tampa from that county.

So, are you confident when they do over/under votes, if there’s a mark like 400, you know, so far away that they are going to try to argue that those are real votes and that they were intended to vote when you missed the entire oval or whatever way you do it ?

RUBIO: Well, there’s no doubt that the lawyers are going to argue that any kind of mark that favors their client, they’re going to argue its intent. The statute is pretty clear. The law says if you’re going to, for example, circle names as opposed to filling in the bubble, then you have to do that consistently throughout the ballot.

I’m confident that lawyers are going to try to get everything counted, I don’t know what the canvassing board is going to decide. I don’t know what some federal judge is going to step in and decide. But that’s the point. This level of incompetence gives you no confidence about anything with regards to that office and that’s what we got to keep paying attention to what’s happening there.

HANNITY: Senator, you called everyone’s attention to this. You are ahead of the curve. Thank you for standing up for a legitimate, fair, legal process. The fact that so many laws were broken has to disturb every American. Thank you, sir, for being with us.

Here’s video of the interview:

Exit question: When will Republicans take action to stop this blatant effort by Democrats to steal the election?


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