Richmond mayoral candidate: Trump deserves to die, supporters should be beaten

DickinsonOn Saturday, Mike Dickinson, the far-left radical running to be mayor of Richmond, Virginia, said Donald Trump deserves to die, and those who support him deserve to be assaulted.  The reason?  In his view, all of Trump’s supporters, without exception, are racists who run around saying that “n***er must die.”

The Twitter conversation started after we spotted a tweet in which he expressed hope that Trump would crash into the James River on his way to Richmond.

We asked if he agreed with the Richmond group that advocates violence against Trump supporters, and acknowledged that he wants Trump dead.

He responded:

In short, Dickinson wouldn’t personally assassinate Trump, but wouldn’t do anything to help him if needed.

We again asked if he agreed with the group that called for violence against Trump supporters.  He responded:

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After some back and forth, he admitted that in his view, all Trump supporters are racist:

And, he added, the Trump supporters who were viciously beaten by a socialist mob in San Jose deserved what they got as well.

His proof, besides allegedly seeing two people act racist?

That means, in Dickinson’s view, that ALL of Trump’s supporters are racists and deserved to be beaten.

So, we asked, summing up his position, he believes that Trump deserves to die, although he wouldn’t pull the trigger himself, and all of Trump’s supporters deserve to be beaten.

His response?

Keep in mind that he is running to be mayor of Richmond.  This indicates that if elected, certain people may not be afforded equal protection under the law.

This kind of rhetoric from Dickinson isn’t new.  As I’ve reported before, he once said he was okay with the extermination of five million NRA members, and once promised to “eradicate” the Tea Party while decimating Christians.


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