Republicans, Here’s Your Chance To Dump NPR! TAKE IT!

On his Twitter platform, Elon Musk has reclassified National Public Radio as “state-affiliated media” – which is 100% accurate.

This is a golden opportunity for Republicans to add NPR to the long list of totally unnecessary things in our federal budget, as the government approaches the looming debt limit.

Once again, Musk has done something bold, something that is a great observation, highlighting something taxpayers don’t need or want.

Why do we need “state-affiliated media”? This is America. We don’t need any “state-affiliated media.” We’ve got plenty of it already – too much really.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

This is something Russia and China do. Why not privatize NPR?

It’s a boondoggle. It’s part of the problem. It’s “fake news.” The Democrats like it, but they have enough fawning media. Conservatives and Christians have squat. That’s because when we do media, it’s called “hate speech.” The best of it is not tolerated by Google, as you know. We can’t subsidize our budget through confiscatory taxes – not that we’d stoop to that level. How can we be supporting so much anti-American, left-wing journalism while conservative journalism gets ruthlessly demonetize?

That’s what we’re doing these days. WND gets demonetized while NPR get subsidized. It’s an outrage!

Yet, it took Elon Musk to make this clear to us by accurately labeling NPR, just one of America’s government-supported news agencies. Last week, Twitter slapped the label on all tweets from NPR. That’s as far as Musk can go. It’s up to Republicans to defund just one of the “state-affiliated media.”

“Finally, thankfully, somebody in authority has told the truth about something, and that is thrilling to see on its own terms,” said Tucker Carlson in his opening segment last Thursday.

“In a world defined by lies from our leaders, this seemed like a rare sign of hope and progress. Telling the truth is the most revolutionary act of all, far more than taking up arms, and yet you rarely see it. Human beings created language to describe the world around them more precisely than they could with, say, grunting or sign language, but unfortunately have been subverting our own creation ever since, but not tonight. By calling National Public Radio what it is, Elon Musk has used English as it was intended to be used in order to tell the truth. Of course, NPR is state media.”

He went on to critique the radio network.

NPR was created more than 50 years ago by a law signed by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson. It was called the Public Broadcasting Act and from its very first day, NPR was wholly dependent on tax dollars in order to exist, and it still is. Just read its own website. It states, “Federal funding is essential to NPR.” Every year, NPR lobbyists head to Capitol Hill to demand more of our tax dollars.

“NPR is the radio station of permanent Washington,” said Carlson. “That’s who pays for it. That’s who benefits from it. By adding three simple words to NPR’s tweets, Elon Musk exposed that forever to the world. Such is the power of truth. It exposes and, of course, it infuriates those who are exposed.”

Now it’s up to the Republicans in Congress to do the right thing. Kill the beast! NPR is beside itself. They never saw this coming.

“NPR officials have asked Twitter to remove the label. They initially assumed it was applied by mistake,” NPR spokesperson Isabel Lara said. “We were not warned. It happened quite suddenly last night.”

Yes, we at WND had no warning from Big Tech either about being defunded after 25 years of doing business. Neither did other voices.

“This is the same radio station that in the final days of the last presidential campaign took a look at the biggest political story in years, the New York Post story on Biden’s laptop, and then ignored it completely – and not only ignored it completely, but because they are fussy and self-righteous to their very core, they bragged about how they were ignoring it completely,” said Carlson.

And what was NPR’s excuse for this kind of blatant election interference two weeks before the presidential campaign?

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories,” NPR’s managing editor Terence Samuel shrugged, “and we don’t want to waste listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

Two years later, we were fully and permanently demonetized by Big Tech for reporting the story – along with other information NPR never reported and most of the controlled media failed to report.

So, to the Republicans, I say, let’s stop pussyfooting around. We’re losing our country!

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