Reports: Two terrorists dead, five officers injured in police raid in Paris suburb

StDenisEarly Wednesday morning, police engaged an unknown number of terrorist suspects in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis, looking for Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of the Paris terrorist attack.  According to reports, two terrorists are dead and five police officers were injured in the gunfight.  Twitchy said that a police dog was killed in the action.

One of the terrorists killed was a female who blew herself up with a suicide vest.  SEven others were arrested.

Fox and Friends tweeted out a video report:

A video of the gunfire, posted to YouTube:

Another video:

But it seems that’s not all.  According to one report, authorities stormed a church saying that weapons may be hidden there.

Michelle Malkin noted:

For now…

Wonder if Obama is taking notes…


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