Reports say Facebook banning Donald Trump supporters, blame Michael Moore

Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2In late December, a post at GreedyPicks said that a Reddit community of Donald Trump supporters were up in arms after one member was allegedly banned for 30 days over a post that said Trump is anti-ISIS and not anti-Muslim.

On Saturday, the site posted a follow-up, suggesting that wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore may be the driving force behind the censorship.

Here’s the post that had a number of Reddit users upset:


According to GreedyPicks, the Reddit user added:

I admin fb pages for a living and moderators on these pages have the ability to remove certain comments and ban certain people from commenting again and I noticed a lot of liberal media fb pages use this when someone comments a dissenting opinion. This is different though, because despite liberal media sites being able to ban you from their page, this was Facebook itself that took action on my post and handed out a 30 day ban with it. I also can’t message any of my friends with this ban I’ve figured out. Wow.

Is Michael Moore really responsible for this?  As evidence, GreedyPicks published a screenshot of a post Moore made on Facebook calling on supporters to report Trump’s page in an effort to get it yanked:


You may recall that Moore held a single-person protest with a sign declaring that “we are all Muslims.”  It’s also no secret that Facebook has been busy banning those who oppose Islamic terrorism and support Trump.

As we recently reported, for example, one person was given a ban for posting a 2012 Trump campaign button.  According to Facebook, that button violated their community standards for nudity, even though there was no nudity in the picture.

How the post violates Facebook’s alleged “standards” is impossible to say.  One thing is certain — if Facebook did yank Trump’s page, the backlash would be beyond huge.


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