Report claims Hillary became physically violent on election night, had to be restrained

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Many have wondered why Democrat Hillary Clinton refused to speak to supporters at her campaign event on Election Day, sending campaign chairman John Podesta to address the crowd instead.  On Monday, radio talk show host Todd Kincannon said he was told by a CNN reporter that Clinton became physically violent toward Podesta and campaign manager Robby Mook and had to be restrained for a time.

Kincannon further said Clinton was in a “psychotic drunken rage” and had to be sedated by a doctor.

Moreover, he added, the CNN reporter said the network refused to run the story, having banned all “Hillary in the bunker” stories.

A Google search found no mainstream media reports on the claim, but Kincannon’s tweet did spark discussion on Reddit.

“Explains why she didn’t speak to her voters. She was knocked the f**k out with sedatives,” one person said.

A post at said:

My friend is a trustworthy reporter who often sees anti-Clinton stories spiked. Not everybody at CNN is bad. The leadership is, though.This is a respected neutral who is being silenced – A good friend of mine, sick of CNN suppressing inconvenient stories that hurt the left.

The post further said:

…Hillary on election night was straight-up Hitler-in-the-bunker s**t.  It even included psychotic screaming about “the Russians.” The doctor helped restrain Hillary when she violently attacked Mook and Podesta at midnight. Gave sedatives, then amphetamines next morning.  CNN reporter says Hillary needed so many amphetamines Wed morning she had unexpected nosebleeds all day.  Fear was she’d bleed at concession.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Hillary’s temper.  As we noted earlier, she reportedly went berserk after the Commander-in-Chief forum hosted by Matt Lauer.

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It would seem that America dodged a bullet on Election Day…

Update: It turns out there’s more, here


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