Red vs Blue State Throwdown: Freedom vs the Crybully

The DeSantis - Newsom debate

The Red vs Blue state debate on Fox Thursday night was a throwdown that most analysts say went handily to Governor Ron DeSantis.  Some media outlets even called Gavin Newsom a “crybully” based on his indignant demeanor. Newsom devolved to using a “how dare you” tone rather than have real answers.

Red vs Blue State

When DeSantis noted that liberal District Attorney George Gascon was running Los Angeles into the ground with his pro-criminal policies, Newsom was aghast. “Don’t insult one of the great American cities,” he demanded, ignoring that Gascon’s policies are getting people killed in that “great American city.” When DeSantis talked about parents’ rights, Newsom declared, “I don’t like how you demean people.”

When DeSantis talked about school closures, which Newsom kept in place in California due to COVID longer than any other state, did Newsom admit his failures or address the matter at all? Did he apologize for using state power to set children back years mentally and emotionally? No, he whined that DeSantis pronounced Vice President Kamala Harris’s name wrong. “Shame on you,” he said, “Madame Vice President to you, Kamala Harris, stop insulting her.”  Zachary Faria at the Washington Examiner

The California Governor’s accusation of mispronouncing Kamala Harris’ name is just a ridiculous, irrelevant tactic to throw people off the track of the debate. (As if anyone cares – some people in our family call her “Camelface Harris.”)

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

But that one incident was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. DeSantis took Newsom down in some real knock-down-drag-out moments. My personal favorites were over California’s co-called ‘freedom.’  About which DeSantis stated:

“Gavin Newsom at one point tried to say that California was the ‘freedom state. I just kind of laughed, like, you’re locking people down, you’re doing all this stuff. Then, I thought about it and California does have freedoms that other states don’t. You have the freedom to defecate in public in California. You have the freedom to pitch a tent on Sunset Boulevard. You have the freedom to create a homeless encampment under a freeway and light it on fire. You have the freedom to have an open-air drug market. You have the freedom that, if you’re an illegal alien, to get all these taxpayer benefits. So those are freedoms. They’re not the freedoms our Founding Fathers envisioned, but they have contributed to the destruction of the quality of life in California. And the results speak for themselves.” FL Governor Ron DeSantis

Later on, DeSantis held up a map of San Francisco that showed where human feces had been discovered in nearly every area of the city. Zzzzing!

Crime and lack of punishment:

“Here’s the thing. People are leaving California in droves because Newsom has failed to stand up for public safety. They are on an ideological joyride to let people out of prison early, to go easy on them. Heck, Gavin’s buddy in Los Angeles, Gascon, he doesn’t even prosecute… When I was in Southern California for the Reagan debate, I had a lot of women tell me they have to take off all their jewelry just to be able to go shopping because, otherwise, they’re going to get mugged. That is the reality that people are facing in California. Gavin can try to put lipstick on that pig, but the fact of the matter is he has failed the people of California.”  FL Governor Ron DeSantis

They sparred over the Covid lockdowns, which Newsom continued clear into 2022. The failures of Newsom’s tenure as Governor were on full display. Yes, DeSantis is rough in his speech – some of us prefer that to Newsom’s slick “crybully” manner.

Some of the classic responses to the Red vs Blue State debate:

“If we eliminate fossil fuels, what will Gavin put in his hair?” @Wayno91852

“Newsom is ridiculous. He’s trying to get down in the weeds on Kamala’s name but he can’t stand her. They both despise one another.” @MrsGOMLalt

It was quite satisfying to see Newsom fail so miserably in the debate. @El_savvy_Doran

Yes, Newsom bombed. But the debate was largely irrelevant. Trump is still the front-runner for the election. These two and their public grudge match were simply generating publicity. But the Red vs Blue State debate was truly entertaining.



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