Rasmussen poll: Majority want visa scofflaws deported

A new Rasmussen survey shows Donald Trump’s popularity is rising, as the battle over immigration heats. (YouTube)

At the same time that King County Executive Dow Constantine, a liberal former Washington State Democrat legislator, is planning to propose the allocation of a special fund to help immigrants fight deportation, a new Rasmussen poll says a majority of voters believe people who overstay their visas should be deported.

The Seattle Times is reporting that Constantine’s $750,000 plan would “help immigrants become U.S. citizens, fight deportation and educate them about their rights.”

Rasmussen Reports, meanwhile, notes, “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters consider those who overstay their visas to be a serious national security risk, with 25% who say they are a Very Serious one.”

The same report revealed that “62 percent believe the government should find those who have overstayed their legal visas and deport them, up from 55% four years ago.”

Reaction to Constantine’s reported plan from Seattle Times readers are largely negative. One might wonder how Constantine gets elected when he seems to anger so many people with his policies, especially when it comes to earmarking their tax dollars for such an effort while it could be spent on other things.

At the same time Constantine appears to be in trouble, Rasmussen is also reporting that President Donald Trump’s popularity is on the rise. The daily tracking poll for Thursday shows Trump with a 55 percent approval rating among likely voters, while 45 percent disapprove.

There seems to be a considerable disconnect between officials like Constantine and those who support him, and other Americans who see things far differently. And there is frosting on this cake of division over immigration versus what might be called “sanctuary” policies.

The Tacoma News Tribune reported Wednesday about an increasingly prickly situation in Pierce County, where a Washington State Patrol (WSP) trooper discovered that a man involved in a “minor car crash on Interstate 5 in Tacoma” turned out to be “a deported felon who had been convicted of a drug charge.” The trooper contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the man in the crash suddenly became the man in federal custody awaiting deportation.

But who is in more trouble? It appears to be the trooper.

The newspaper said the State Patrol is conducting an “administrative review” to determine whether its policy was violated. And what is that policy? According to the newspaper, it is “not detaining or questioning people based on their immigration status.”

But that’s not exactly what happened, according to the story. The News Tribune reported the following: “But when a trooper did a routine check of the man’s driver’s license, a warning appeared from federal authorities indicating Chavez Corona was a deported felon who had been convicted of a drug charge, according to the patrol.”

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It has stirred up quite a tempest, with KVI morning talk hosts John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur defending the trooper’s action and criticizing the WSP.

If the suspect in this case lived in King County, would Constantine extend a helping hand?


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