Rasmussen poll: Majority expects U.S. attack similar to Brussels

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal isn’t the only problem she has
Hillary Clinton admonishes Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about “demonizing” all Muslims, but she hasn’t been so concerned about ratcheting down on all gun owners for the acts of criminals.

Sixty-three percent of American adults responding to a new Rasmussen survey say it is “somewhat likely” that there will be a terrorist attack in the United States similar to the one in Brussels, and that it will happen within the next year.

Of those surveyed, 27 percent think an attack is “very likely,” according to Rasmussen Reports, and only 22 percent think it is unlikely such an attack will occur in this country.

According to Rasmussen, only 16 percent of American adults believe the U.S. can ever be made entirely safe from some kind of terrorist attack. When Rasmussen asked last year about the likelihood of an attack similar to the one on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, targeting people who were “critical of Islam,” 65 percent said it was likely.

They were partly right. The San Bernardino attack in December did not target people because they had criticized Islam, but it has been considered a terrorist incident.

Meanwhile, Democrat front runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking to a crowd in California, insisted that it was wrong for GOP contenders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to double down on their insistence that increased surveillance on suspected extremists should be one result of the Brussels attack. She suggested that their reactions to the Brussels terror attack was to demonize all Muslims and treating them like criminals.

But some in the firearms community are wondering why that same logic doesn’t apply toward American gun owners. Instead of focusing on those responsible for the San Bernardino attack and other terrorist actions, Clinton and the gun prohibition lobby talked about expanded background checks and other types of gun control.

Millions of law-abiding citizens are subjected to so-called “universal background checks” in order to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Gun owners essentially have to prove themselves innocent before they can buy a gun, and now some in the gun control movement want to impose background checks for ammunition purchases.

In the aftermath of San Bernardino, legions of citizens descended on gun shops, many purchasing guns for the first time. Lots of those people also rushed to local police and sheriff’s departments to apply for concealed carry licenses and permits. Many law enforcement officials publicly suggested that private citizens who are licensed to carry should start doing so.

These are the same people that Clinton and the gun prohibition lobby think should be treated like criminals, while complaining that Cruz and Trump are “demonizing” all Muslims because of the acts of a few extremists

H/T Seattle Gun Rights Examiner


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