Rand Paul: I.Q. of debate will go up with Donald Trump’s absence

Paul-TrumpAppearing on Fox News Wednesday night, Sen. [score]Rand Paul[/score], R-Ky., said the I.Q. of the GOP debate went up a few dozen points when Donald Trump decided to quit.

Paul called Trump’s absence a “double win” for him, since the other candidates (and the viewing public) won’t have to “put up with a lot of empty blather” from Trump along with the media mogul’s insults.

He went on to suggest tonight’s debate will actually be the best the candidates will have had so far in the campaign since more time will be spent discussing issues instead of listening to Trump’s “super ego” and “blather.”

A speck of dirt, the campaign has said, is more qualified to be president than Trump, who Paul has called “delusional” and a narcissist.

Video of Paul’s statement can be seen below:


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