Race-baiter Spike Lee makes false claims against Trump in profanity-laced tirade at Cannes — Video

In an obvious effort to foment even more racial division, race-baiting filmmaker Spike Lee engaged in a profanity-laced tirade at the Cannes Film Festival, making false allegations against President Trump regarding the Charlottesville riot.

“We have a guy in the White House – I’m not going to even say his f**king name – who in the defining moment, not just for Americans but for the world [who] was given a chance to say: ‘We are about love and not hate,’” Lee said, referring to Trump. “And that m**********r did not denounce the m***********g clan, the alt-right and those Nazi m***********s. He could have said to the world: ‘We are better than that’.”

According to the Guardian:

Lee’s new film, BlacKkKlansman, is adapted from the memoir of Ron Stallworth, an African-American police officer who infiltrated a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s by using a white double. In the final moments of the film, the drama segues into real-life video from Charlottesville, culminating in the footage of white supremacist James Fields ploughing a car into protesters, killing activist Heather Heyer and injuring dozens of others.

Speaking at a press conference for BlacKkKlansman at the Cannes film festival, Lee said that the film was already completed when he first witnessed news of the events from Charlottesville, but knew the footage needed to appear in the film “right away” and asked the permission of Heyer’s mother, Susan Bro, to use the footage.

“I was not going to put that murder scene in the film without her blessing,” Lee said. “And Mrs Bro said, ‘Spike, I give you permission to put that in.’ So once I got permission I said, ‘F**k everyone else, that m***********g scene is staying in the m***********g movie.’ Because that was a murder. Heather should be alive now.”

Lee, of course, didn’t bother to check his facts.  Trump has repeatedly denounced racists, Nazis, and the KKK.  He has also denounced those on the left who engage in violence against anyone with whom they disagree.

In 2017, the Washington Post reported:

President Trump denounced the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis by name Monday, declaring racist hate groups “repugnant to all that we hold dear as Americans,” as he sought to tamp down mounting criticism of his response to the killing of a counterprotester at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville over the weekend.

“Anyone who acted criminally in this weekend’s racist violence, you will be held fully accountable,” Trump said in brief remarks to reporters in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, where he returned after a week of vacation in Bedminster, N.J. “We condemn in the strongest possible terms the egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. It has no place in America.”

Trump added: “Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to all that we hold dear as Americans.”

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Facts?  Apparently, Spike Lee doesn’t need them…

Here’s video of Lee’s attack against Trump:


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