Professor: Minn. state flag offensive because it shows white man working

minnesota-state-flag-575x383The stupid just got a little bit deeper.  According to Judith Harrington, an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, the Minnesota state flag is offensive because — wait for it — it displays a white man working.

“A critical examination of what the flag is saying, however, should make Minnesotans reconsider what their state flag projects about their state,” she wrote.

But she wasn’t finished:

A close examination shows the central figure to be a white pioneer dressed in work clothes, wearing a wide-brim hat and pushing a plow. He is an iconic image of a hardworking, rugged individualist who works alone to chop the trees, plow the land and protect his home. He is looking over his shoulder at the Indian, who is riding a horse and holding a spear.

The contrast in the images of the figures is interesting: The image of the pioneer, a peaceful man who has laid down his gun and is plowing his field, is juxtaposed with the image of the Indian, who may still want to fight (his spear is at the ready) but who seems to be riding away. The pioneer/farmer is using a plow, a symbol of civilization. The white man is depicted as a “doer” who is entitled to the land, trees and water, empowered by the concept of Manifest Destiny. The Indian is the vacating tenant. A peaceful transition is suggested, but this ignores the tense and problematic history of conflict between European settlers and Indians, such as the complicated history of treaties and the Dakota War of 1862. More problematic, however, is the depiction of a racist, stereotyped Indian, who wears only a loin cloth and a feather.

Forget the Confederate battle flag.  Now we need to remove all references to white people.

Here’s the flag:


Michael Savage was right.  Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

H/T Gateway Pundit.


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