Pro-Hillary union boss: ‘We’re only here to intimidate’ anti-Clinton protesters — Videos

Union thug bossIn a series of videos posted Wednesday by the Daily Caller, a union boss from the Laborer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA) is seen and heard making sexist and racist comments against supporters of Donald Trump outside a rally for Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas.  In one video, he’s heard saying, “We’re only here to intimidate them.”

Here’s video of that part of the protest:

He also confronted a female protester and tried to intimidate her while demonstrating an apparent foot fetish.

“Where you get your feet done?” he asked.

“Excuse me,” the woman responded. He continued to press, “Where you get your feet done?”

“I’m sorry, I’m not going to engage in a conversation,” the unidentified woman said.

“That’s awfully white of you,” the union boss said.

Here’s video of that encounter:

The Daily Caller’s Steve Guest added:

The anti-Hillary protesters, some of whom where chanting pro-Trump slogans, carried “Stop Hillary” signs can be heard chanting, “One, two, three, four, No more Clintons at the White House door. Five, six, seven, eight, Trump will make America great.”

The anti-Hillary protesters can also be heard asking, “Where’s the emails?”

In another video clip, in-between instances of taunting protesters, the union boss admitted, “We’re just going through the motions.”

Classy people, these union thugs…


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