President Trump’s Travel Ban Gets Boost From Justice Kennedy

Justice Kennedy heard a motion from the Trump administration, which wanted a stay of a court order from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the most overturned appeals court in US history.

That’s what happens when you disregard the Constitution that interferes with your ideology.  Justice Kennedy issued a stay that will be in effect until noon on Tuesday, by which time the opposition must lay out their case on why the ban should be ruled illegal.

At that time, Kennedy can lift the stay or allow it to stand until the full court hears the case on October 10th.  The Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of Trump before but a state judge presumed the power to dictate immigration law for the entire country and his ruling was upheld by the 9th Circuit Court.

According to the Daily Caller:

In establishing guidance for enforcement of the travel ban, the Trump administration concluded that refugees who had received assurances of assistance from resettlement agencies in the U.S. did not have a sufficiently strong relationship with an American entity to warrant exemption from the ban. A coalition of states and civil rights groups challenged the guidance, arguing the Supreme Court’s order extends to this group of refugees, which numbers approximately 25,000.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the administration last Thursday, prompting the Justice Department to appeal to the Supreme Court. The 9th Circuit’s order requires the administration to admit refugees contracting with resettlement agencies beginning Tuesday, so the high court is likely to move quickly in issuing its own ruling.

Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a temporary stay of the 9th Circuit’s order Monday afternoon, pending a response from the coalition challenging the administration. The stay will remain in effect until noon Tuesday. Kennedy is the justice assigned to review emergency motions arising from the 9th Circuit.

The full court will be ruling on the travel ban after hearing the case and some of the disagreements includes what is considered a close personal relationship.  The 9th “Circus” Court’s ruling would allow distant cousins, in-laws and practically anyone else who wants to come into the country.

The immediate problem to be resolved is whether 25,000 refugees who have been working with a refugee resettlement program takes precedent over the provisions of the travel ban.  The Trump administration wants to better vet refugees before they can enter the United States.

With Monday being the 16th anniversary of 9/11, the importance of better vetting should be in the uppermost portion of our thoughts.  All of the hijackers came into the country legally through this program.  Their backgrounds weren’t checked and they were able to operate pretty much as they pleased.  Last year, 620,000 immigrants overstayed their visas and thanks to Obama, we have no way to find them.

According to the Constitution, the number one job of the federal government is to protect its citizens.  Truman, Carter and Obama all issued travel bans and the ACLU, antifa and BLM were nowhere to be found, but let Trump issue an exact same plan and it goes to the Supreme Court.  Make no mistake, our country is in peril because of the power mad leftist elites.


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