President Obama allows Benghazi suspects to Walk

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For a long time, Congress has wondered why the investigators sent to Benghazi couldn’t name and locate the suspects who killed Ambassador Stevens.  In such a poor country, money can make lips loose.  It seemed strange we had made no progress.  Now we know they were able to both name and locate the suspects and they were given what amounts to a “Stand down” order.

Check your blood pressure before reading this article.

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Fox News reports that the special team of investigators sent to Benghazi to track down suspects in last year’s Benghazi attack, are being pulled out Libya for good.  Special operators in the area told Fox News that the suspects had been identified months ago and after the reports were vetted by both the State Department and the Dept of Defense, were sent on to the White House, who has refused to pull the trigger on the arrests.  One recommended action was delivered to the president on August 7th.



The investigators spent months taking video, audio, and photos of the Benghazi suspects, only to see their work crumble before their eyes.  The investigators are angry that they risked their lives and the lives of Libyans to obtain this evidence just to find out, they were closing up shop and leaving the country.  


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