Poor, abused Hillary “volunteers” for FBI grilling on email investigation. No, wait! Security review

HillaryAfter what seems to be an eternity, Hillary was finally brought in for questioning, by the FBI, regarding her emails. And as we have  watched her relentlessly dance around the issues, her campaign, and the main-stream-media, plastered a thick layer of sugar and spice painting a picture of “cooperation” and ease in her participation of the process.

However, they did slide in an undercurrent that suggested the poor, mistreated POTUS candidate was extensively grilled for an inordinate length of time. Three hours.

Video: CNN

Twitchy makes some very salient points, however. As the FBI only conducts “investigations,” the Hillary campaign has been spinning the look-see into the obvious illegal acts as “security review.” Hmmm.

And as for voluntary? Well, this just about sums it up.


The Right Scoop points out, in a quote from Rush, with hard, sad and perhaps undeniable truth, Hillary will never be indicted. She may be too big to fail.

EL Rushbo said that this is all just to keep up our hopes so that we can be disappointed when she’s completely exonerated. I agree. I’ve heard way too many Trump-humping supporters say it doesn’t matter what the polls are because she’s going to be indicted. Yeah, good luck with that.


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Lisa Payne-Naeger

Former elected school board member, turned homeschool mom, turned CONSERVATIVE political activist. Trying to spread the word of truth, in "new" media and drag the culture back to common sense.

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