PM Bennett Departs Washington After ‘Warm And Helpful Meeting’ With Biden – Does Full Of Sh*t Resonate??

Biden, Biden

DESPERATE times call for desperate measures. As such, pu**yfooting around has no respite within said national and geo-political sphere. Discourse.

IN this regard, several highly germane truths are in order; disasters, if you will. For, under the below circumstances, who, in their right mind, would see the Biden regime as a partner for anything, other than for betrayal and worse? Who, indeed.


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DEAR reader, you decide, that is, if Bennett is any more trustworthy (to his own constituents) than the corrupt, anti-American regime in Washington.

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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | By Yoni Kempinski | August 29, 2021

PM summarizes visit to Washington. “A direct and personal connection was established between Biden and me, based on trust.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took off this morning, Sunday, from Washington DC to Ben Gurion Airport, after a few days visiting the United States capital.

Before taking off, Bennett told reporters accompanying him: ”We will soon take off in return from a successful visit to Washington that culminated in a meeting with Biden. It was a very warm and very helpful meeting,” Bennett said. “A direct and personal connection was established between Biden and me, based on trust.”

“We achieved all the goals we set and beyond. We agreed on joint strategic work to stop an Iranian race to nuclear capability. We took a significant step on the issue of building Israeli power and an issue that concerns many Israelis – the exemption from visa: For the first time, Biden instructed to move ahead and close the mater as quickly as possible. I want to thank Biden on a very warm reception.”

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