Announcing ‘Operation Balls to Impeach’ and open letter to John Boehner

StageBallsThe following is an open letter from contributor and radio talk show host Josh Bernstein who, like so many, want Barack Obama impeached.  Please read and share the letter with your friends and spend a couple bucks to help give Boehner some balls…

The Honorable John Boehner
United States Congress
1011 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515


Mr. Speaker,

My name is Josh Bernstein. I am the host of “The Josh Bernstein Show” and a political strategist and writer. I am also a very concerned citizen and tireless fighter for freedom, prosperity, and limited government.

Mr. Speaker, America is dying. The America of today is vastly different from the America of old. Our shining city on a hill is slowly turning into a dilapidated, morally and ethically bankrupt pile of rubble. The hopes and dreams of millions of Americans have now turned into nightmares. Liberalism, from both parties is destroying our country like a 21st Century plague. We are slowly becoming a banana republic and if things don’t change we will be “fundamentally transformed” into a third world nation.

Mr. Speaker, we are living in peculiar times. We used to celebrate success now we demonize it. We used to punish law breakers now we reward them. We used to fight our enemies now we arm them, train them, and even financially support them.

Mr. Speaker, America is seriously divided and devoid of leadership. We have an imperial president who runs an imperial administration. Our executive branch has repeatedly and willfully ignored the other two branches of our government. Missing are the checks and balances that our Founding Fathers put in place to protect us from the actions of an out of control executive branch. This administration’s behavior, disdain, and utter contempt for those Americans who disagree with them are deplorable.

Mr. Speaker, this administration has lied to the American people with false promises of tax relief for the middle class, lower insurance costs for already insured Americans, and the promise to be able to keep the doctor of their choice. This administration has spied on Americans by invading their privacy, listening and monitoring their conversations, and illegally collecting data through the National Security Agency. This administration has targeted and denied millions of Americans their right to free speech by allowing the supposedly non-partisan Internal Revenue Service to silence Conservatives and Tea Party Groups that don’t agree with their policies.

Mr. Speaker, this letter is to remind you that all of this illegal and abhorrent behavior was allowed to happen under your leadership. Even though you may be personally opposed to this administration’s acts, the fact that you refuse to do anything about it makes you complicit.

Mr. Speaker you have capitulated on raising taxes, increasing spending, funding border security, stopping illegal immigration and on holding those accountable on scandal after scandal. Now once again, you are sitting on the sidelines watching as our country is being invaded, our laws are being disregarded, and the lives of our citizens are being endangered.

Although I admire your gesture of fighting back by filing a lawsuit against the administration it is nothing more than window dressing. It is the equivalent of bringing a knife to a gunfight. Filing a lawsuit is an inadequate and tepid response to the egregious level of severity of this administration’s actions. Leading from behind and governing from a point of fear is a losing proposition.

Mr. Speaker I have had enough. I can not sit by and watch as you allow this administration to run roughshod over and trample on all of our rights. That is why I have decided to give you a few things that you unfortunately lack.

This is why I am launching, “Operation Balls to Impeach” I am instructing Americans who are tired of the lies, tired of the scandals, and tired of the corruption to send to you some balls. I am instructing millions of fed up Americans to send you gumballs, ping pong balls, golf balls, tennis balls, etc. As long as what they send to you are a pair.

My goal in doing this is to give you the balls that you so desperately need to start fighting back against this administration by introducing legislation for impeachment of the President. By not initiating impeachment proceedings you are validating this administration’s actions. Your inaction will embolden this administration to continue down the path they have chosen as well as set a dangerous precedent for future Presidents to follow.

I am also instructing all Americans, local and national media outlets, local and national elected officials, and anyone else who is willing to stop complaining and take action. My hope is that you receive hundreds and thousands of balls and it continues until you start impeachment proceedings. My goal is to have millions of Americans like myself participate in this operation. My hope is that this letter to you is read by millions of Americans and shared by millions more.

Mr. Speaker, you have an obligation to stand up for the American people. You have an opportunity to stop the madness. You have an opportunity to stand with the people instead of against them. You have an opportunity to do what is right for America. May God Bless you and may God Bless America.

Send Balls to:
The Honorable Speaker John Boehner
1011 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515

For maximum impact you can send balls to all three of his Ohio Offices:

Butler County Office
7969 Cin-Day Rd. Suite B
West Chester, Ohio 45069

Clark County Office
76 East High Street
3rd Floor
Springfield, Ohio 45502

Miami County Office
12 South Plum Street
Troy, Ohio 45373

You can also send the Speaker a message on Facebook:
(Please make sure you take lots of pictures of you at the Post Office mailing Speaker Boehner some balls and post them to his Facebook Page)


You can also tweet this to the Speaker on Twitter:
[email protected] Have Some #BallsToImpeach

The Speaker on Flicker:

The Speaker on Instagram:

The Speaker on Google Plus:

PLEASE be respectful and professional when contacting the Speaker.

Media Inquiries:
[email protected]

Josh Bernstein

TV Talk Show Host, Political Analyst, Commentator and National Spokesman Josh Bernstein is one of the most sought after TV and Radio guests in conservative media today. He has been called a “political savant” by many of his industry peers because of his often encyclopedic breakdown on many of the issues we face. Josh promises your audience a unique and original perspective that is straightforward and unapologetic. He is the National Spokesman for The Association of Mature American Citizens and their 1.3 million members. His "Josh Bernstein News Minutes" can be heard daily on close to 50 stations in 25 states. His TV Show is watched by thousands of people each week and features a different top level guest. To set up an interview with Josh please call (480)347-6883.

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