One Trey Trumps Jokers on Benghazi Committee

627px-Trey_Gowdy,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressDemocrats led by Elijah Cummings have been running a propaganda campaign in order to shut down the Benghazi Committee, led by Trey Gowdy.  It could be the first time in history that one Trey beat a handful of jokers.  Elijah Cummings accused Gowdy and the Republicans of selectively leaking information from the investigation.  Gowdy disputes this, claiming all leaks came from the Democrats, trying to frame a case for disbanding the committee.

Gowdy released an open letter accusing Democrats of playing defense and acting as agents of obstruction, rather than honest arbitrators of the facts.  He outright accused Cummings of failing to represent his constituents in favor of protecting his party:

“Your duty as ranking member of this committee has not been to the American public, but to your Democrat colleagues and to the administration, including former Secretary Clinton.  This is evidenced by your complete lack of interest in gathering any facts whatsoever, and instead spending the majority of your time issuing press releases describing Democrat strawmen which no one is investigating except Democrats and you.”

Gowdy has announced he will release emails next week between Hillary and her long time friend and associate, Sidney Blumenthal, that shows Blumenthal was pressing for regime change in Libya for the purpose of getting large contracts for rebuilding Libya.  Hillary was forwarding his emails to the defense department.  It was Blumenthal who suggested putting a no-fly zone over Libya which was later put in place.  Once that was accomplished, he pressed for regime change.  He got that, too.  Unfortunately, the people taking over Libya were terrorists, including the ones who killed 4 Americans in Benghazi.

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The Pentagon noticed what Clinton was up to and they took the unusual step of creating their own contacts with the Gaddafi government along with former US Rep Dennis Kucinich.  Before falling to the terrorists, the Libyan interim government released tapes of those conversations.  They showed that Hillary pressed for action based on the false narrative that Libya was about to attack civilians.  Read about this here.

In his letter, Gowdy mentioned this tie between Hillary and Blumenthal:

“Blumenthal was neither a State Department employee nor an employee of the federal government nor an expert on Libya, by his own admission. The fact that former Secretary Clinton relied so heavily on an individual for the Libyan intervention, her quintessential foreign policy initiative, whom the White House explicitly prohibited from working at the State Department is mind boggling,”

Not really.  Remember the immortal words of “Deep Throat,” “Follow the Money.”


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