One Austrian City’s Refugee Disaster- From Feces to Garbage

austria3This morning there was a headline out of Nickelsdorf, Austria. A border crossing town of about 1,600 inhabitants was literally overrun by Muslim refugees…and they have left a mess of human feces and garbage that defies logic.

An Austrian City Overwhelmed

When a small town is overwhelmed by people, and they have nowhere to put them, the inevitable result is a  health crisis – not just for the “refugees” but for the town as well.

Refugees were initially directed to the “Arena Nova,” where they camped out for a time before buses could take them elsewhere- but according to residents of the city, they “pooped everywhere,” and the porta-potties left for them were completely filthy and unusable.

The Austrian news media stated that near the larger entrance to Nickelsdorf, there were so many taxis trying to get through the mess that “all Austrian laws seem to be overridden.” Up to 8 people in each taxi and  police were powerless to do anything because of the volume. They reported that one tobacco shop owner had to turn people away because he was so overwhelmed with people trying to buy tobacco products that he had no change to give them.

photo via unzensuriert.at

Extreme danger and loss of border sovereignty

From the Google translation:

Who is watching the uncontrollable crowds and their behavior here, about it is aware that Austria has sovereignty over its borders since lost. Neither our ailing army nor the police a few can accomplish something here – and certainly not if the political will and a clear use command is missing.

According resigned affects the population of the border town. Especially women dare for months no longer alone by bike or to be on the road even on foot; too big is the chance suddenly confronted alone with a crowd love hungry, young foreign men to see.

In other words, women have not been able to walk anywhere or even ride their bikes due to the danger of being accosted by Muslim men. And Austrian borders are no longer controllable thanks to their government’s policy of accepting every refugee.

The toilet issue is that people from the Middle East do not use Western toilets- they use a hole in the ground. So the toilets have become unusable. Train cars have had to be cleaned and disinfected, and according to the Austrian news site some have been left completely destroyed.

 Austrian city
The garbage left behind- photo via unzensuriert.at

Some police cadets assigned to try to work in the mess have come down with an unspecified illness, and news media is frustrated with the lack of information on that scenario. Many have what the news reports called an “infectious bowel disease,” though the exact one was not revealed.

The Austrian government is to blame

The Muslims repeatedly call Austrian workers “Christian whores.” The town of Nickelsdorf  feels “abandoned” by their government for the complete lack of assistance for people “marching through” their town with no end in sight. The Catholic church provided a house for the refugees, but are now saying it will have to be visited by health authorities and disinfected. Some residents have asked “Why [have we] seen and heard nothing about it in the media, why we are not informed about what’s going on here?”

[Editor’s note: That’s easy — it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative, and moguls like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg are working to keep this info from you, as we reported here.]

The question remains- how long before this happens here? And what will we do to prevent it?

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