Omnibus Bill Reveals Attack on 2nd Amendment

You had to know the Dems would try something

Since the recent $1.7 trillion omnibus bill passed with flying colors, the Dems crammed as many earmarks as possible in the bill. With the signature of Biden, it is now law (by the way it was flown by jet down to him in St Croix. Private jet with a giant-sized carbon footprint. Hypocrisy at its best). What many may not be known is that the omnibus spending also contains specific funding for anti-gun measures that may seriously impact our 2nd amendment rights. (Gun Owners of America)

2nd Amendment Second

The bill includes $700 million to “encourage” (aka bribe) states to pass red flag laws.  It also includes a whopping $2 billion for the ATF’s “day to day operating expenses.” Some of that money is set aside to modernize the National Tracing Center gun registry.

Do you remember the Obama-era VA laws that placed US veterans in jeopardy of losing their firearms? They’re back in the omnibus spending bill, just under a different lable.

“The Omnibus will also create multiple VA gun-related measures. “Collaboration on Lethal Means Safety” at the Department of Veterans Affairs will basically encourage VA medical centers to collaborate with state and local law enforcement to adopt “red flag laws.” They would take the guns of Veterans seeking treatment at VA centers, depriving them of their Second Amendment rights without due process. Also, there will be funding for the VA to maintain “gun storage maps” to keep tabs on where Veterans keep their guns. It is supposed to be for suicide prevention, however, it will give the government a direct line of knowing what veterans have in their homes and will likely keep many suffering from mental illness from reaching out in fear that their rights will be stripped.” TTN

Women’s right to self-defense in domestic abuse situations is under fire from a $4 million program – the “domestic violence lethality reduction initiative.” Democrats are well versed in using words that on the surface sound logical, but if you dig into what they really say, it becomes obvious that they’ve missed the mark entirely. This initiative targets those who seek to own a gun due to domestic abuse rather than targeting the abusers themselves.

Then there is the $7.5 million allotted for combatting “violent anti-government ideology” and “domestic radicalization research” at the Department of Justice. The politicized, weaponized Department of Justice. We’ve seen how well the FBI has targeted those things, haven’t we? Just look at the way they treated ordinary parents who stood up for their children. Or the Jan 6 attendees who did nothing illegal. Who is more violent? The FBI or the regular folks they targeted?

Then as if to add a pointed punctuation in the anti-gun parts of the omnibus bill, Dems added over $10 million in funding for numerous anti-gun programs.

Chart via Gun Owners of America

18 Republicans voted to pass this abomination. There is not one pro-gun piece of funding anywhere in the bill, according to the GOA. How badly these things will affect gun owners in the new year is likely to depend on pro-gun groups tying up these regulations in the court system… and that is expensive. Congress has been following Biden’s playbook on guns and now has many new avenues of attack on the 2A in the omnibus bill.

Stay frosty, America.



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