Ohio Sheriff Receives Death Threats After Billing Mexico $900,000


Butler County Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones is at it again.  You might remember a column I wrote about him not too long ago, when he was cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens.   Well, he has now sent a bill to the government of Mexico for the amount of $900,000.

He explains that it is reimbursement for “taking care of your criminals.”  For that he has started receiving death threats from the Mexican drug cartels.  Sheriff Jones is unfazed by the threats:

“Am I afraid of that? No,” Jones said. “I’ve had people who’ve wanted to kill me my entire life and they haven’t killed me yet. If I was afraid of that, I wouldn’t have this job. I’d be a news guy. I’d be doing what you’re doing.”

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Sheriff Jones has been outspoken in his opposition to all the benefits that are thrown at illegal aliens, while American citizens having a hard time of it are paying for them with their taxes:

“They go to the hospitals for free, they bring their drugs in. They go to school for free, they do everything for free. They get free phones. Hey, it’s the greatest place in the world to live. Get free stuff, don’t have to work and you don’t have to speak English.”

The sheriff mentions John Boehner in his interview, calling him useless (my words) and an asset to the open border crowd like Obama, Hillary and Marco Rubio (My words):


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