Seattle PI to Sore Losers: Here are nine countries you can move to

Sore losers demonstrate against Donald Trump victory. [Screen grab: YouTube, CNN]
Sore losers demonstrate against Donald Trump victory. [Screen grab: YouTube, CNN]
The left-leaning Seattle P-I.com demonstrated a remarkable sense of humor Wednesday by publishing and detailing a list of nine countries to which America’s sore losers can flee now that Donald Trump has been elected president, provided they’re not too tired from marching, screaming, burning and rioting.

The list includes Sweden, Malta, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore and Panama. Flights leave daily, but considering all the celebrities who said they would be leaving if Trump defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton, those seats may be filling fast.

KIRO Radio’s Tom Tangney expressed his disappointment at the election outcome in a piece published at MyNorthwest.com. But he didn’t promise to leave like so many other disappointed people.

The New York Times on Friday posted an analysis of why Clinton lost. The newspaper noted:

As it became clear on Tuesday night that Mrs. Clinton would lose to Donald J. Trump, supporters cast blame on everything from the news media to the F.B.I. director’s dogged pursuit of Mrs. Clinton over her personal emails, and to a deep discomfort with electing a woman as president.

“But as the dust settled, Democrats recognized two central problems of Mrs. Clinton’s flawed candidacy: Her decades in Washington and the paid speeches she delivered to financial institutions left her unable to tap into the anti-establishment and anti-Wall Street rage.”

This passage says a lot about the temperament of the Clinton faithful. They blamed everyone but themselves; their smug elitism, their candidate’s history of pathological dishonesty, their disdain for the Second Amendment and their arrogant under-estimation of the anger over the stagnant economy. There was also the skyrocketing cost of health care, loss of American prestige overseas, and a backlash – not a “whitelash” as professional race-baiters have asserted – against a mainstream press that wasn’t “mainstream” at all, but seriously in the bag for Clinton.

The aftermath of Trump’s victory has brought out not the worst, but the true nature of the political Left. They like the system, provided they get their way. There is no “compromise” with these people, which they constantly demand from gun owners.

In 2008 and 2012, following Barack Obama’s victories at the polls, there were no violent marches of conservatives and gun owners. Nothing was burned; no highways or city streets were blocked. No buildings were vandalized, nothing was defaced and nobody was arrested, because conservatives and gun owners stayed home and behaved as the responsible citizens they are.

From Seattle to Miami, and especially last night in Portland, Oregon, the sore losers have shown their own violent nature.

Likewise, their personal dishonesty is rising to the surface. If there is not a mass exodus of this rabble, from whence came repeated loud threats and promises to leave the country if Trump won, then they are nothing more than hot air. That, of course, was a foregone conclusion among all of those “deplorables” who just handed Hillary the head-smack of reality that has been so long in coming.


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