Obama’s Strategy I’m Sure Will Just Be More of the Same

strategy2 cover“Terrorism in many places around the world is not necessarily a direct threat to us or something that we have to wade into.”
– Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s words when it was pointed out to him that ISIS was NO JV team

Tonight in prime time President Obama (still gag on that six years later) will address the nation about what he intends to do about ISIS…at least that’s what we are led to believe he will do. But true to form we all know that whatever Obama says will be words twisted in such a way as to cover for his faux-pas of last week when he said, “we don’t have a strategy yet” in regards to what we…meaning him…intends to do about ISIS…as he tries to stop his continuing to fall poll numbers. And by his constantly calling them ISIL instead of ISIS…done purposely as a nod to his muslim brethren…we know exactly what his true plans are…as in to do NOTHING of true substance at all.

indestrategy3 i will standBut the fact is that Obama has lost all credibility on all things Middle East…NOT that he ever had much to begin with…and NO matter what he says tonight he has slim to NO chance of persuading ‘We the People’ that he now knows what he’s doing…what he’s leading our country into doing…in regards to the Middle East. And if truth be told Obama really does NOT care either way as he chose sides in this battle long ago when he wrote on page 261 of the paperback edition of ‘The Audacity of Hope,'”I will stand with the muslims if political winds shift in an ugly direction”…words that have come back to haunt him time and time again.

And yesterday Obama told congressional leaders that he “has the authority needed to take action” against ISIS…his version of action that is…with or without the much needed Congressional approval…violating the Constitution yet again. And folks, again, he simply does NOT care.

And here, based on the musings coming out of DC, is what I think Obama is planning as his joke of a strategy to combat the barbarians known as ISIS…first, to continue his “limited engagement” bombing raids…second, to arm and train the Free Syrian Army to help them ‘supposedly’ fight ISIS in Syria…and third, to train what’s left of the Iraqi forces to be more forceful against ISIS’ army of sorts. And of course he will puff himself up by claiming how well the ongoing air strikes in Iraq have been against ISIS…NEVER mentioning how limited in scope their actual effectiveness has been.

imagestrategy4 bombing raidsNow let’s go through each one…first, Obama’s “limited engagement” bombing raids while effective on a small scale have NOT stopped ISIS’ forward march as NOT enough of their ‘army’ has been killed in this Obama’s targeted ‘do NOT kill too many of my brethren’ raids. What’s needed to stop ISIS is to ‘shock and awe’…to carpet bomb Iraq from one end to the other…and collateral damage be damned, because in this battle those you think of as friends turn out to be NOTHING but the enemy in disguise.

And speaking of an enemy in disguise…number two is the Free Syrian Army… whom I believe Obama will propose arming…and who are NOT what they claim to be. Coming off a PR campaign to make them appear as the ‘good guys,’ the Free Syrian Army is anything but as it’s from them that ISIS sprang for ISIS started as NOTHING more than a group of ultra-extremists within said Free Syrian Army ranks. And these ranks are in reality the creation of U.S. intelligence and its covert war on Syria for it was the CIA, on Obama’s orders, who armed these extremists in order to help aid them in overthrowing Bashir al-Assad’s government.

Scenes in SyriaAnd Obama’s saying that only so-called ‘moderate rebels’ were being armed… which like I said the Free Syrian Army is anything but…is a LIE…as it’s a fact that many of those weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS for at that time the two groups were still united as one. And while the two factions have now broken into two distinct groups, the Free Syrian Army continues to support ISIS from the shadows by freely giving them arms and weapons or simply by nodding and then looking away when they march in and take them. And some of the weapons ISIS takes and then uses in their blood lust campaign continue to be U.S. weapons… weapons including M79 rockets and M16 assault rifles…U.S. weapons that continued to be supplied to the Free Syrian Army via Saudi Arabia.

So while Obama, I believe, will say that we must continue to arm the Free Syrian Army what in reality he is saying…what in reality he is actually doing if he gets his way…is ‘aiding and abetting’ the enemy while hoping to pull the wool of America’s eyes by saber rattling and placating with one hand and keeping his fingers crossed behind his back with the other.

And lastly, number three on my list of what I believe Obama will bloviate NOTHING of substance about is his wanting to train what’s left of the Iraqi forces…to train them against an enemy even al-Qaeda fears. But pray tell how does one train a defeated army…a defeated army of his own doing…when the very one who left them like lambs to the slaughter by announcing when our troops would pull out… allowed the salivating wolf called ISIS to just wait it out at their door. And how does one train the Iraqi army with but a few specialists brought in when Obama has said over and over that he does NOT plan to send American troops back to Iraq without first garnering support from a coalition of allies. And how does one train the Iraqi army when America’s supposed leader has called for a stable government as a precondition for increased U.S. military activity…and the Iraqi government remains anything but stable.

strategy1 obama wiping browSo what I believe will be Obama’s strategy to combat ISIS will be NOTHING of the sort…for he will just regurgitate the same old…same old…anything but effective counter terrorism strategies he’s always used…repackaged failed strategies that he’s had America engage in over the six years of his failed presidency…a failed presidency that does NOTHING but ‘aid and abet’ the enemy…and it will be a strategy…a plot…that is calculatingly designed to have us lose to those barbarians out to kill us all.

So let’s see tonight if I’m right, but for America’s sake let’s actually pray I’m wrong.

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