Obama’s LIES can kill you

cancelled“If you had or have one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law, and you really like that plan, what we said was, you could keep it…if it hasn’t changed since the law’s passed.” – Barack HUSSEIN Obama 11/4/13

NO…that is NOT what he said at least 29 times on camera and countless times in print over these past three years.

NOT even trying to rationalize his LIE, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is simply denying he ever spewed it. Trying to pull a ‘do-over’…to rewrite history if you will to suit his nefarious ObamaCare agenda…as try as he might Obama CANNOT deny these previous words now come back to haunt, “If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away.”

“Period”…as in definitely…NO problem. ”Period”…as in its written in stone…that is if you are NOT someone who talks out of both sides of their mouth…someone who knew three years ago that there was NO way people would be able to keep their current plans or the doctors they liked… someone who let his policy advisers be overruled by malicious and vindictive political players… political players the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who veraciously pushed for ObamaCare but freely admitted they had NOT even read it.

Obama LIED…out-and-out LIED to the American people and he now has the gall to spew a new LIE to rationalize and justify how his first LIE is actually his version of a truth being kept…and the sheeple, the ‘sponges’ and those still enamored of him will fall for it as they will hear the new spin quite differently than the rest of us do, simply because it benefits them to do so and the rest of us…the vast majority of Americans…will again be the ones getting screwed by yet another Obama LIE.

And so it seems that both ObamaCare and its namesake are the gifts from hell that keep on giving for the undeniable reality is that to date almost 4 million insurance policies people were happy with got cancelled by carriers they liked, and are now forced into the anything but wonderful ObamaCare exchanges to get coverage they do NOT need…do NOT want…and have to pay more for. And it does NOT stop with those four million for you can feel the angst in the air as every walk to the mailbox becomes a crap shoot of who will be getting cancelled next.

And here’s another little Obama giftie soon to become reality… according to Chris Conover, economist and research scholar for the Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research at DUKE University and adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), once the employee mandate kicks in next year 129 million…YES you read that right…129 MILLION Americans… including 35 million directly losing actual employee coverage… translates into a whopping 68% of all Americans currently with private health insurance losing their coverage.

And Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his anything but a health care bill built this sad scenario and completely owns it.

Adding insult to this grievous injury is that when someone is cancelled they have to hear Obama bloviating that their policies were cancelled because he…the media anointed ‘savior’ of us all’…deemed their policies and their coverage ‘inferior’ as they did NOT cover enough of what he…Barack HUSSEIN Obama…says needs to be covered. What that really translates into is that those policies did NOT cover things the policy holder did NOT need or want, therefore could NOT be charged for…which means there will be less of ‘We the People’s’ hard earned dollars in the system to pay for Obama’s party loyal ‘you owe me’ supporters…the ‘sponges’ of our society…those who now get free health care by just walking into any emergency room in this country.

And if being cancelled itself wasn’t enough of a sucker-punch, so many ‘surprises’ still await those who now must go into the dreaded exchanges…surprises that can be dead right dangerous to one’s health…surprises like under ObamaCare you may NOT have access to the nation’s top tier (18) hospitals…the very hospitals on the cutting edge of the newest medical and surgical treatments… hospitals with America’s leading cancer specialists on staff… hospitals that could save your life if faced with this or any other catastrophic disease.

Remember, in pre-ObamaCare America the top-tier hospitals accepted insurance from dozens of private carriers, but it now seems that these hospitals…as leery of ObamaCare as ‘We the People’ are…will only accept but a few out of the 36 federal exchanges ObamaCare offers…and these same hospitals will only offer limited treatment and surgical options from those they do accept. So being denied treatment at these hospitals…unless you sign onto one of the few extremely expensive and high deductible Obama-approved exchanges…means basically that you have been subjected to the decision of a ‘death panel’ but you’ll NEVER see those words in print.

And many other non-top tier hospitals are saying ‘NO’ to ObamaCare as well, because the ObamaCare caps on premiums means that insurers will offer said doctors and hospitals far less reimbursement wise for services rendered than they were offered before ObamaCare reared its ugly head.

In fact, provisions in ObamaCare actually cut reimbursement rates for patients on Medicare… the very people most likely to be hospitalized…those older Americans Obama has NO use for…as in pay hospitals little for their treatment so that it becomes cost prohibited to treat them…can anyone again say death panels.

And to make the hospital situation even worse is that many people perusing the exchanges are doing so with much needed information being deliberately omitted…as in the listing of exactly what doctors and what hospitals are in the exchange they might chose. This means that some people might inadvertently purchase policies that actually have NO hospital coverage at all…forcing those who need hospitalization to be hit with a huge bill for having to go out-of-network for treatment when chances are the policy they had before being cancelled would have allowed them to to go to the hospital of their choice…including to the top-tier hospitals.

In NO uncertain terms ObamaCare is a nightmare for America’s hospitals for NO hospital wants to turn away the sick…to have chose who they will service and who they will NOT or CANNOT service because some narcissistic, anti-American bloviator of a president has decided to make and initiate for us all what are really medical decisions that he has NO right making.

And the sad reality is that with ObamaCare in place it will only get worse for America’s hospitals and for “We the People’ before it gets better…that is if it ever does.


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