Obama to transgender heckler: You’re in ‘my’ White House – Video

emperor obama1While speaking at an LBGT Pride Month event at the White House, President Obama faced down a heckler complaining about deportations.

The heckler was removed, but Obama said something that sparked considerable discussion online.

“You’re in MY house,” he said.  One person posted a video of the statement online:

ABC News described the heckler as “transgender” and “undocumented.”

Here’s the ABC video:


ABC US News | World News

Here’s some of the reaction from Twitter:

Funny, I thought it was the people’s house. Must be part of that fundamental transformation…

This isn’t the first time he’s made statements like this.

In 2013, he referred to the armed forces as his military no less than three separate times.  First, it was “his” military, now it’s “his” White House…  Am I the only one to see a trend here?