Obama regime’s transcript of call from Mateen: ‘I pledge allegiance to [omitted]’

Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to "omitted."As promised, the Obama regime released a partial transcript of the call from Omar Mateen, the Islamic gunman who killed some 49 people and wounded over 50 others.  As Attorney General Loretta Lynch promised, the regime also omitted any references to ISIS.

According to what the regime released, Mateen was asked to identify himself, and he did so, pledging allegiance to “[omitted].”

Of course, it’s already been heavily reported that he pledged allegiance to ISIS, so what’s the rationale behind this?

Simple.  Liberals from the president on down have twisted themselves into pretzels blaming everyone and everything else for the shooting instead of the Islamic radical who actually pulled the trigger.

Here’s what the FBI is saying:

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No value?  Are they serious?  Apparently so.  Darcy added:

It’s clear the truth about what happened in Orlando doesn’t really matter anymore, even though the shooter identified himself as an Islamic soldier.

God help us…


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