Obama may have his pen but ‘We the People’ have the Constitution

Obama has a pen but we have the ConstitutionHouse Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) posted an image on Facebook, in it Obama is on the left side of the photo and Boehner is on the right.

There is a caption on Obama’s side which reads, President Obama has his pen and his phone. On Boehner’s side it reads, We have the Constitution.

This would seem to suggest that Boehner is a supporter of the Constitution and is in opposition of Obama’s usurpation of lawmaking power. The image has gone viral with thousands of people commenting on it. Many have been calling Boehner out for his lack of actually standing up to Obama.

Boehner has pretty much done absolutely nothing to stop Obama’s misuse of power and his blatant and continual encroachment on “the strictures of our founding document,” especially as pertains to the separation of powers.

One of the most popular comments on the thread reads:

What’s taking so long for YOU to do SOMETHING!? Appoint a special committee to investigate Benghazi, already! Impeach Eric Holder for lying to congress about Fast and Furious. And, prosecute those responsible for using the IRS to harass American citizens, all the way up to and including those in, the White House. Do it! Now!

Another popular comment said Boehner wasn’t following his oath of office, it read:

Quit acting like you are going to do anything remotely close to following your Oath of Office!

Several commenters are calling him out, with comments like:

With All Due Respect Sir,The Constitution is Apparently Only As Good As Your Willingness To Up Hold It! [sic]

Another commentor said:

Ha!  Mr. Speaker, you have lost all appearance of having any authority as the leader of the most useless Congress in history.  Please step aside.

President Harry Truman’s words about the 80th Congress could be applied to the 113th Congress. He called them the “Know Nothing, Do Nothing Congress.” The Congress continues to stand by and allow Obama to usurp the Constitution without putting up much of a fight at all.

Under Obama the IRS abused its power by politically profiling conservative groups. In 2010 they compiled a “be on the lookout” or the “BOLO.” They used this list to identify organizations engaged in political activities. They created a list of “buzz words” such as, Tea Party, Patriots and Israel.

They monitored subjects such as government spending, debt, or taxes; and activities such as criticizing the government, educating about the Constitution, or challenging Obamacare. The targeting continued through May of 2013, according to Forbes.

A top U.S. lawyer, Andrew McCarthy, said Obama was guilty of serial fraud on multiple levels but Congress has done nothing to hold him accountable for all his lies. McCarthy prosecuted the World Trade Center bombers after the 1993 attacks.

Obama promised to have a transparent administration, but his actions have run contrary to his words. He holds secret negoiations, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty, or TPP. Reports say he plans to by-pass Congress to get it passed. The TPP has been called NAFTA on steorids and would destroy U.S. sovereignty.

However, the only ones who seem to call Obama out on the use of his dictatorial powers have been reps like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Louis Gohmert and Trey Gowdy, all of whom are Republicans. Paul and Cruz have been severely criticized by Rhinos like McCain and King.

Those who have stood up to Obama can’t stop his abuse of power without more help. Because of Obama’s corruption, Citizens for Self Governance are urging state legislators to call for a convention of states. Obama will continue to abuse his power as long as Congress continues to stand idly by. It’s time for our leaders to grow a spine and put a stop to Obama’s tyranny.

Obama may have his pen but “We the People” have the Constitution backing us. We can win this fight but we must stand strong and not lose heart.

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