Obama administration hires convicted Al Qaeda spy to work at the IRS

ob fagThe IRS, who gets their panties in a wad over anything Tea Party, seems to have no trouble with convicted Al Qaeda spies.  “Weiss Russell,” who works for  the deputy IRS chief financial officer as a financial management analyst.  Weiss Russell’s real name is Mohammad Weiss Rasool.  Rasool was convicted of using sensitive government information to tip-off an Al Qaeda operative.  Now he has access to the most sensitive financial records of millions of Americans.

Rasool came to the United States from Afghanistan in 2008 and took a job as a police officer with the Fairfax County Police Department, just outside Washington.  He worked his way up to sergeant, where he had access to a national criminal database.  He did a search and found that a Muslim friend of his was being tailed from his mosque by the FBI.  He contacted the Al Qaeda agent and warned him.

According to a post at Free Patriot:

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The FBI went to the agent’s house and found him and his wife packing as they were destroying records.  At that point, the FBI knew they had a mole.  They followed the trail and it led back to Rasool.  He denied tipping off the Al Qaeda operative until the FBI played the tape of the message he left the spy.  He pleaded guilty to illegally searching a federal database.  The investigation showed that Rasool had breached the system at least 15 times, looking for the names of other known operatives.  Some of those names were relatives.

Rasool put the integrity of the NCIC system at risk and interfered with at least one federal investigation.  Now, he is at the IRS, where the information he has access to could prove extremely damaging to the country and to individual taxpayers.

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