Obama Funneled Money To George Soros To Influence Balkan Elections [VIDEO]

Last month, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, released a video of his congressional committee, where he laid out a money trail that includes U.S. taxpayers paying for Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules For Radicals” to be translated into the Macedonian language for use during their elections.

King claimed that Obama directed $5 million to USAID that went to groups controlled by George Soros.  In turn, Soros had “Rules For Radicals” translated and passed out to the radicals in Macedonia for use during that election cycle.

This is on top of the money he sent to Israel to be used to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.  Fortunately, just like everything else Obama did, it was a complete failure.

He went on to discuss the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac and the failures of James Comey with respect to criminal charges against Hillary, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.  My biggest problem with the upcoming video is that it doesn’t show the Democrat’s reaction to his announcement that Trump would not be the only target of the probe into Russian collusion.

Is America headed for a recession?

King spoke about US interference in elections under Obama:

“I just came back not that long ago from the Balkans, where I sat in a place like Macedonia and there I learned that the United States government borrowing money from China and Saudi Arabia had handed over at least $5 million in contracts transferred through U.S. Aid ID into George Soros organizations that were used to manipulate elections in the Balkans, and that’s just particularly Macedonia – not including the neighboring countries that are there. And some of that money was used to translate Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ into Macedonian to distribute the book and the ‘Rules for Radicals’ and actions of radicals were manifested in the election efforts in that part of the world.”

Of course, Soros-linked groups were involved… As Rush Limbaugh said Friday, Soros is one of those footing the bill for a second civil war in America.


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