Obama Declares War on Women..Cuts 370k For Women’s Health in Kansas

war_on_womenAs if we really needed any proof, it is abundantly clear that Obama couldn’t care two cents if women get the healthcare they need.  He only wants to funnel money into Planned Parenthood and if they don’t get the money, to hell with the women of Kansas.  Planned Parenthood (PPH) has a long history of corruption in Kansas.

This includes the time they were being taken to court for Medicaid fraud until the government of Kathleen Sebelius (Name sound familiar?  She is the daughter of the notoriously corrupt former governor of Ohio, Jim Rhodes) destroyed all of the evidence the state had amassed against PPH.

As such, the state of Kansas decided to quit contracting with PPH and gave the contracts to other women’s health groups in the state.  They weren’t cutting women’s healthcare by a single dime.  That’s not good enough for Obama.  No, you have to pour good money down the rat’s hole, PPH.  You see, PPH is known to make political contributions and possibly donations to presidential libraries.

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