Obama Claims “Demagogues” Exploiting America

Obama spoke at a rally in Ohio for Democrat Governor Richard Cordray. It was designed to point a finger at Trump without using his name. Obama claims that “demagogues” and billionaires would take over our “Democracy” unless we get out and vote.  He used the words “fear mongers” and “bigots” to describe how it works.

Demagogue: “a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.”

The case could be made that Obama fits that description himself.

barack obama day #ReleaseTheMemo

Breitbart noted what he said:

“People are stressed. And they’re anxious. And it seems that all the chatter and anger on television doesn’t match up to their lives. And it frays our civic trust. And it makes people feel that the game is rigged, and nobody’s looking out for them. And historically, in those kinds of conditions, that’s ripe for opportunists to try to exploit America’s history of division: racial, ethnic, religious…”

[Heads up- the Democrats are the ones who rigged the 2016 elections against Bernie Sanders, remember?]

“In a healthy democracy, when everybody’s participating and paying attention, and listening, voting, people of good will in both parties, they call out bigots and fear mongers,” the former president told the crowd. “And then they work to compromise. And they work to get things done. But, when there’s a vacuum in our democracy, when we don’t vote, when we take our basic rights for granted, other voices fill the void. Demagogues get out there. They promise simple fixes to complicated problems.”

First, America is not a “Democracy” it’s a Republic. There is a large difference, and Obama and cronies are always trying to make us something we are not.

Democrats all have a nasty habit of transferring their own flawed thinking on to other people, and in this case,  using the word “demagogue” in a nebulous reference to Trump.  But Trump is not trying to exploit division- the Democrats are. Who are those always talking about division? Dems. Who are always calling Conservatives “bigots” and racists? Dems. The exploitation is in their own court – perhaps a little stopping at the mirror would be good.

Remember: Obama grew up in a Muslim environment, with Communists as his family’s friends, and went to a Black Liberation Theology church whose pastor called for God to “damn America” for many years. Obama has even been accused of offering “hush money” to Jeremiah Wright.

He is deeply familiar with Saul Alinksy, you know, Hillary’s “mentor”, who created “Rules for Radicals” — the rule book for exploitation of everyone’s faults in order to breed divison.

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Saul Alinksy

“Whereever possible go outside the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.” Saul Alinsky

Who is exploiting who?

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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