NYT hit piece on Trump backfires horribly: Former girlfriend says paper misled her — Video

nytliedOn Sunday, the reliably liberal New York Times published a hit piece against Donald Trump in an effort to advance Hillary Clinton’s “War on Women” theme, apparently using a former girlfriend to smear the presumptive GOP nominee.

But it seems their attempt backfired — horribly.

On Monday, Rowanne Brewer Lane, the former girlfriend in question, said the Gray Lady misled her and misrepresented her relationship with Trump as a “negative experience.

Here’s video of her comments:

Trump responded on Twitter:

The Daily Wire added:

Shortly after the above-mentioned interview, left-wing CNN’s Brian Stelter said Donald Trump called into his network’s New Day control room in order to ensure that CNN staff had seen it.

Lane went on to do three more interviews on Monday morning, rejecting the innuendo of The New York Times article and its attempt to advance the leftist “War on Women” narrative for Hillary Clinton’s benefit.

Trump, CNN media analyst Dylan Byers said, essentially “reset” the narrative of the story:

I suspect we’re going to see a lot more of this between now and November…



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