Not Surprised by the Obama DOJ Slush Fund Scandal

Obama DOJ busted funding left wing groups via slush fund
Obama DOJ busted funding left wing groups via slush fund

I’m not surprised at all. Not at all. The Justice Department, under Attorney General Eric Holder, that Barack Obama appointed, had set up a slush fund that funded numerous far left political groups. When banks were fined, probably under the odious Dodd-Frank banking regulations law, they were allowed to pay the money to non-victim groups instead of to banking customers who were allegedly the victims, or to the taxpayers. So far left wing groups like the National Council of La Raza, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition and the National Urban League received this money.

I’m not surprised, I knew from the beginning how far left Barack Obama is, based on looking at his record as a state senator in Illinois then United States Senator from the same state. Obama compiled almost perfectly 100 percent liberal voting ratings, from the various far left groups like Americans for Democratic Action. He voted consistently with the progressive left on every major issue as Senator.

The Justice Dept. used government authority to compel these banks to pay this money, and then allowed them to send it to the likes of La Raza, instead of either compensating the victims they were fined for having transgressed against, or sending the money to taxpayers as a penalty for their wrongdoings. This is among the most corrupt abuses of government authority when money taken by fines is diverted to political organizations that have a clear agenda representing an extreme point of view.

While La Raza (which in English translates to “The Race”) is a clearly far left racial organization that favors a no-borders immigration policy, NCRC also favors an extreme leftist immigration policy including advocating benefits and driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. NCRC also publicly opposed the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General because he favors enforcing our immigration laws and defending our borders.

There is a solution to this problem. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) has filed in the Senate the Stop Settlement Slush Fund Act of 2017 to put a stop to the DOJ Slush Fund, and the great Tenth Amendment Champion in the House, Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, has filed a similar bill in the House. Passage of both will only lead sooner to legislation making it’s way to President Donald Trump’s desk to remedy this abuse of government power.

Imagine if Hillary Clinton becoming president would have really been a third term of the corrupt Obama Administration. We have to be thankful that Donald Trump was elected to “drain the swamp” in Washington D.C. and reform corrupt government. One place to start will be shutting down the DOJ slush fund and then repealing Dodd-Frank as well.