No surprise: Poll says Israel’s critics are younger, less educated, low information, majority Democrats

low-infosThis really doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me.  According to a recent Gallup poll, those who oppose Israel’s efforts to defend itself from Hamas terror attacks are less educated, less informed and tend to be Democrats.

Naturally, those who support Israel tend to be better informed, better educated and Republican, or at least somewhat conservative.

Hot Air reported:

According to Gallup’s internals, self-identifying Republicans are the primary reason Israel’s actions attract plurality support in this poll.  GOP-leaners back Israel’s actions by a whopping 44-point margin; the numbers turn upside-down among independents (-10), and especially Democrats (-16).  The cohorts least likely to label Israel’s attacks against Hamas as “justified” are young people (-26), non-whites (-24), women (-11), and people with a high school education or less (-11) — namely, the Democratic coalition.  On a not-unrelated note, Americans who are under-informed about the issue tend to break heavily against Israel, whereas those who say they’re following developments at least “somewhat closely” back our democratic ally:

poll1“I’d ask what it would take for the ‘not justified’ crowd to shift in Israel’s favor on this question, but the answers are depressingly obvious: Accurate information and/or more dead Israelis,” Guy Benson added.  “Those are the primary antidotes to the biased and lazy mainstream media’s false equivalencies and context-free body count obsession.”

Benson wondered: “Might the polling data described above induce some self-reflection among strongly pro-Israel Democrats?”

Good question.


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