New Emails Prove Clinton Lied About Distributing Classified Emails..Hell, She Wrote Six Herself

Hillary-Clinton-CNN-Interview-Email-Scandal-Train-Wreck-2016-Press-Rope-Line-President-Campaign-Lies-Benghazi-Server-620x436With the release of the most recent Hillary emails we learned something we already knew.  Clinton lies.  Within the saga of Clinton’s emails and the evolving stories put out by her campaign, we have found one thing that’s consistent.  Whatever she or her campaign denies, they’ve actually done.

The latest myth to be debunked is that Hillary was sent emails that were not made classified till later and two, she never passed them on.  The truth is that she wrote at least six classified emails.

As the Secretary of State, no one would know better than she that any information she was given by foreign officials, is “born classified.”  In other words, countries talk among themselves and expect those conversations to be classified.  This is not new protocol.

We have been adhering to that principal since the French began giving us covert assistance during the Revolutionary War.  Without the assurance that these conversations are off the record and classified, nations would not be able to safely share intelligence.

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