Netflix Adds Susan Rice to Board of Directors: #BoycottNetflix

Susan Rice (YouTube)

Netflix has added Obama’s crony and serial liar Susan Rice to their Board of Directors. The kicker? They have been negotiating to have Obama produce content for their company. They have been left-wing for some time, but this move has created a serious backlash.

So you have the woman who unmasked Americans, lied about the Benghazi attack, and spied on Republicans now joining a company that wants Barack Obama to make content. Time to rethink that Netflix subscription. But the backlash has begun:

One person even mentioned that they divested their stockholdings:

Hey @netflix:

JUST CANCELED NETFLIX #BetterYourselfIn3Words@netflix you are not sending Leftist propaganda into our home via the Obama/Rice

Susan Rice is what happens when you stay loyal to the Obama machine

Susan Rice unmasked Americans.

Hollyweird… https://t.co/x8mfRM0nui


Susan Rice on the Board at Netflix..

Susan Rice, now on the @NetFlix board, involved in covering up Obama involvement in illicit targeting 0f and use of dirty Dossier to get @RealDonaldTrump. This, in addition to her Benghazi lies (blaming video rather than al Qaeda — to help Obama reelection). pic.twitter.com/VkTQ1cNvJg

Susan Rice should be in prison.

@vachel_lindsey @LizCrokin George Soros is a major stockholder of Netflix. He hires Susan Rice for the Board. Netflix recently airs “Big Mouth,” an animation which sexualizes puberty age children. What other programming do the Globalists have in store? #boycottnetflix pic.twitter.com/5LkQJ5SPmO

Susan Rice appointed to Netflix Board of Directors. Rice is also co-chair w/Ben Rhodes & many people who worked for the Obama Admin, of National Security Action which is dedicated to target President Trump while claiming to advance Global leadership. https://t.co/sv3lW8BoQo pic.twitter.com/ou0UsvOp6W

Obama is in talks with Netflix to provide shows for them and Susan Rice just got hired by Netflix joining its board of directors. Netflix is hiring corrupt leftists to turn their program into a completely anti God, anti American, anti Trump, left wing program to poison our youth!

@netflix why do you have to politicize everything and name toxic people like Susan Rice to ur Board of directors, or do that ridiculous Obama show that NYT wrote about. can we enjoy anything in this country without you pushing the left propaganda and spoiling everything?

No Vero Voss, apparently we can’t enjoy anything that isn’t leftist drivel coming from people who hate Trump, hate guns, hate Republicans, hate hate hate. The only hope we have is the new Rosanne show which is pro-Trump.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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