Video: NBC’s Chuck Todd promotes abolishing Second Amendment

On Sunday, NBC’s Chuck Todd promoted radical calls to abolish the right to keep and bear arms by repealing the Second Amendment during a broadast of “Sunday Today,” Nicholas Fondacaro wrote at Newsbusters.

“Isn’t the difficulty here legislatively, the constitution,” Todd lamented to his mostly left-wing panel. “Which is Bret Stephens’ point in The New York Times, he’s calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.”

Todd then read from Stephens’ article:

“The United States has, by far, more guns in more hands than any other country in the developed world. It has, by far, the highest incidence of firearms-related homicides and suicides. Correlation is not causation, but since Americans aren’t dramatically crazier than other nationalities, what other explanation is there?” However, it is in our constitution, unlike other western democracies.

“I mean, getting rid of the Second Amendment it’s not realistic. It’s a nice intellectual exercise people might want to have, but it’s not realistic,” NBC National Political Reporter Carol Lee said, popping Todd’s balloon.

She then went after Republicans, essentially accusing them of being bribed by the NRA.

“They’re also to a certain extent owned by the NRA,” she declared. “The NRA spent $55 million in the 2016 elections. That’s more than twice as much as they did in 2012. So you know, the idea that they’re going to do something in this atmosphere — history doesn’t show that that will happen.”

“I can’t name a politician … that has lost due to not supporting gun control, but I have known politicians who have lost for their support of gun control,” Todd said.

Fondacaro added:

Building off of Lee’s point that talking about repeal was an “intellectual exercise,” Chief White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson jabbed Republicans for being afraid to participate. “That is exactly what conservatives are terrified about,” she asserted. “That is exactly the conversation that they don’t want to be having because there is a philosophical difference on this. Because this is, as you alluded to in your opening piece here, symbolic in a lot of ways.

There was no mention of how the Democrats were “terrified” and did nothing when they controlled Washington, DC.

With Jackson’s comments in mind, Todd moved to Democratic Pollster Cornell Belcher and seemed to suggest the reason the Second Amendment was still around was because the NRA had launched a masterful marketing campaign to associate it with patriotism. “The NRA, I think their great strength here has been how they’ve re-messaged gun ownership, and they’ve wrapped it in the flag,” he claimed.

But I think something is changing, Chuck. When you look at the way those young people are mobilizing, you look at the way some of the gun organizations are raising money and they’re mobilizing now. If this is a front-and-center issue for suburban moms in this coming election, it will change,” Belcher opined, sounding hopeful.

Fondacaro observed that liberal anti-gunners often claim their calls for gun control don’t include confiscation, calling it an extremist right-wing fantasy, but Todd made it clear on Sunday that no Second Amendment is their ultimate end goal.  And of course, once the Second Amendment is gone, confiscation will follow.

Something, however, tells me that won’t go over very well…

Here’s video:


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