Muslims surround police after conference on Oklahoma beheading: ‘Praise Allah’

Alton Alexander Nolen is seen in a picture from the Oklahoma Department of CorrectionsCiting tweets by a local resident, Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit said Friday that a group of Muslims surrounded police after a press conference on the beheading in Moore, Oklahoma, shouting “praise Allah.”

Other Muslims read aloud from the Koran during the conference.


According to Lawson, a small percentage of those in attendance were Muslim.

He also noted:

As a result of all this, he promised:

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Apparently, Lawson got asked a lot of questions…

He also had kind words for Hoft:

Alton Alexander Nolen, the man suspected of brutally beheading one woman and stabbing another multiple times, seems to have had a soft spot for terrorists, and made it clear on Facebook what he thought of America and anyone who is not a Muslim.

Predictably, some in the Democrat-media complex refused to report Nolen’s connection to Islam…


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