MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Rural Americans ‘the core threat to our democracy’

In a tweet issued Saturday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid declared that rural Americans — people she dismissed as a “minority” — are “the core threat to our democracy.”

“This is the core threat to our democracy. The rural minority — the people just wrote a long thread about — have and will continue to have disproportionate power over the urban majority,” she tweeted.

She also called for the abolition of the electoral college to limit their ability to influence elections and government.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

A start?  How far is Reid willing to go?  Death camps?

Writing at the Gateway Pundit, Kristinn Taylor said that Reid was commenting an a Wall Street Journal article by Gerald Seib published earlier this month “that expressed concerns over demographic trends in the U.S. that could dilute the political power of large population states.”

According to Seib:

His critics charge that Mr. Trump exhibits some authoritarian tendencies of his own, and his occasional disparaging remarks about “rigged” democratic institutions seem to suggest that. The fact is, though, that the American system of checks and balances—a hallmark of the democratic model—remains strong and vibrant.

Yet there are reasons to worry about the health of the American model. Current leaders seem unable to find their way to consensus or even compromise on the biggest issues of the day, which can breed voter despair and disillusionment.

Demographic trends also are straining the American model. Because of the way the Electoral College works, two of the past three presidents first won office while losing the popular vote. And David Birdsell, dean of the school of public and international affairs at Baruch College, notes that by 2040, about 70% of Americans are expected to live in the 15 largest states. They will have only 30 senators representing them, while the remaining 30% of Americans will have 70 senators representing them.

That’s the way the system works, of course. But there will be growing need for enlightened leaders who can show it actually does work for all.’

So where did Reid get the notion that rural Americans are the “core” threat to U.S. democracy?  According to Taylor, Reid got that idea from a lengthy Twitter screed by Jared Yates Sexton, who describes himself as an “associate professor of creative writing.”

He started with this:  “With Trump’s base showing strong preferences for authoritarianism, and continuing to support a serial predator of children, it’s time to look this problem in its face.”

And by tweet 16, invoked Nazism: “If you come from a family like mine, you know that there are Americans who hold Adolf Hitler in high regard. Who say he had ‘good ideas.'”

By tweet 21, he got around to stating: “We cannot let them continue to build a base and have a seat at the table. That only empowers them and furthers the danger.”

Translation: “We need to do away with Trump’s supporters.”  Take from that what you will, but it doesn’t sound good.

Make no mistake — If you support Donald Trump, leftists want to literally take you out.  This is why liberals can never be allowed to hold the reins of power.

This is the modern left.


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)


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