MSM Fails: AP Ignored the Facts in Laken Riley Murder

No, this wasn't about jogging, it was about the influx of dangerous illegals!

Laken Riley was murdered as she jogged near the UGA campus in Athens, Georgia.  When it was reported by the Associated Press, they wrote about the “dangers of women jogging alone” rather than the fact that the suspect was an illegal immigrant from Venezuela that had been “paroled” into the US. Axios, another left-wing outlet, has stated that the border is “as fortified as it’s ever been.” Spinning the truth for a web of lies (complete obfuscation) is part and parcel for the MSM (Mainstream Media).

The suspect in the murder of Laken Riley is Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal from Venezuela who crossed into the US in September of 2022. He has a criminal record in the US and was previously arrested in New York City, and released before ICE could file a retainer. The AP article referenced the suspect as a “resident” of Athens, Georgia, mentioning nothing about being an illegal or even anything about his criminal record. Ibarra’s brother was arrested also for possessing a fake “green card.” Fortunately, he is now behind bars.

The Laken Riley murder hits home

Our own daughter jogged around that same trail while she was a student at UGA. She isn’t the only one– it is a popular jogging route for numerous students. We are so grateful that she survived it to go on to become a medical doctor. Ms. Riley did not survive, and neither did Molly Tibbits a student from Iowa killed by an illegal immigrant. The point is that the illegal immigrant problem is killing Americans.  And the Biden administration could care less.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The MSM has a history of misdirection.

“Hi, female athlete here. I ran this exact trail every single week of my college career. I guess I could have been snuffed out before I graduated, had a career, family, and the professionals at the AP would lie about the suspect bc it fits a preferred narrative. Ibarra is not merely an “Athens resident,” and Laken Riley and every other student was put in danger by not enforcing laws and allowing a man arrested 3x after crossing the border to hang out and work on campus. He had to escalate to alleged murder to be held and/or risk deportation. Good policies. Good work. This story even cites the 2018 murder of Mollie Tibbetts in IA as a reason solo female runners should be worried, *also without noting her killer was an illegal immigrant.* Just stop lying! Here’s the local news station doing actual journalism on this.” Mary Katherine Ham on X

Rep Ruwa Romman is a Georgia Democrat who took exception to being reminded that Ibarra was an illegal who shouldn’t even be in this country. She claimed that “conservatives” were politicizing Riley’s death by doing that. Other X users took her to truth town.

The MSM’s attempt to shore up the Biden administration’s egregious, failed policies is pathetic.  The issue wasn’t that Riley was jogging alone, the issue was about an illegal who took her life. She never had the chance to become a nurse, which was her hope for the future. The future of America is looking bleaker by the day as well.



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Faye Higbee

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