Mortgages and Loans to Deadbeats and Illegal Aliens Courtesy of Obama

Foreclosure-For-Sale (1)In what could be one of the most disastrous plans of the present dictatorship, Obama now wants credit reporting agencies to use utility and cell phone payments for scoring credit so that deadbeats and Illegal aliens (And I’m assuming illegal alien deadbeats)  can get mortgages to buy houses or get loans.

The problem is if they use that criteria it could be very deceiving.  Many of them have Obamaphones and receive HEAP to pay for their heat and electricity.  Therefore, their credit records would get a big boost without them paying a dime out of their pocket, assuming Obama gets their checks to the utilities in time.

This is scary stuff.  Of course, Obama cannot force them to issue credit to these deadbeats, right?  Maybe not legally.  But what happens when a gaggle of lawyers show up and tell a bank manager, “Nice bank you have here.  It would be a real shame if something should happen to it.”

Let me tell you a story about an event that took place a long time ago in a universe far, far away. (Chicago)  ACORN decided to sue Citibank because they were not giving out enough loans in depressed areas of the city with people with terrible credit.

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