Is a 540% increase the largest premium hike under Obamacare?

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Fisherman with giant fishA website called has recorded what may be the largest increase by percentage that any policy holder has been subjected to as a result of Obamacare.

Of course, if you buy the formulation by Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, none of these premium hikes or lost coverage is the direct result of the Affordable Care Act. Instead, Jarrett posits, “no change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans.” Yeah, right. Health insurance providers just decided out of the blue to impose an across-the-board rate increase on policy holders. It had nothing to do with the lash of government regulation.

So what was the jump for one Texas family? How does 539.6% sound? Mike Adams, the writer at NaturalNews, received a copy of the letter from Humana One to a friend, whose name and policy number have been redacted. The letter is republished here.

Notice the “before” amount of the premium is $212.10. The “after” amount is $1,356.60. Here’s hoping that the person who received this letter is one of those special individuals with “additional income” that they “don’t need,” which Obama has spoken about. Otherwise, this poor slob is going to need to sell one of his kids to make ends meet.

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